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Tourist Attractions around 7th Ring Road


The capital loop expressway (G95), also known as the "the seventh ring road", officially opened at noon on August 20. It passes through Daxing, Tongzhou and Pinggu in Beijing, as well as many cities such as Zhangjiakou, Zhuozhou, Langfang and Chengde in Hebei province. The closing of the "the seventh ring road" also means that it is more convenient to visit Beijing and Hebei.

Banbidian Forest Park

The Banbidian Forest Park is famous for its idyllic scenery with the basic feature of artificial forest and a lush forest of 3,000 acres. The garden is fragrant with fresh air. Suoyunta tower can also be a distant view of the green sea domain.

Beijing Wildlife Park

Beijing Wildlife Park is located on the bank of beautiful Yongding River. The park is divided into three animal exhibition areas including self-drive tour, walking tour and the beast experience area. Animals live in the original ecological natural environment, forming a unique "animals and natural landscape", which brings you to the wild animals world.

Liuliping Forest Park

Liuping National Forest Park is located in Xinglong County, Chengde, Hebei Province with grand mountains and dense forests, which is praised as "Green Treasure House in the East of Beijing". Its unique geographical climate makes it a paradise for lung washing. The average temperature is lower than Beijing 8-10 ℃ in summer, which is an ideal place to spend a holiday.

Wuling Mountain

Located in Xinglong County, Chengde City, the main peak is 2118 meters above sea level. It is the main peak of the Yanshan  Mountain with high forest coverage rate and mild climate. The most thermidor average temperature is 17.6 ° C, which is a cool island in north China.

Chengde Mountain Resort

Chengde Mountain Resort was a place where emperors escaped summer heat and handled government affairs in the Qing Dynasty. It was built in 1703 and took 89 years to complete. The mountain resort takes the simple and elegant mountain village wild interest as the style, absorbing the scenery of the north of the southern frontier, which becomes the largest existing imperial palace in China.

Chengde Eight Outer Temples

Chengde Eight Outer Temples are a large scale temple group which was built in Qing Dynasty. This old temple group is magnificent and grand, which reflects the achievement of architectural technology and art in the early Qing Dynasty.

Fengningbashang Grassland

Fengningbashang Grassland is the nearest natural grassland to Beijing, and also known as the first grassland north to Beijing. The average temperature is 24℃ in July with cool climate, which refers to the first choice for tourism in summer.

Shandianhe National Wetland Park

Located in the northeast of Guyuan County, the Shandianhe National Wetland Park is the most well-preserved plateau wetland in Beijing. It is one of the world's nine major migration zones for waterfowl and one of the world's eight migration routes for migratory birds.

Wuhua Meadow

Wuhua Meadow is located at the west side of the Chibao Highway, 7.5 kilometers away from south of Guyuan County. It is famous for the five colors of flowers that bloom in summer and autumn. More than 630 kinds of vegetation have been found in the meadow, which is the best-preserved natural meadow with the highest vegetation coverage and the most ornamental value in Hebei Province.


Chongli District, the venue for Beijing 2022, is located in Northwest of Hebei Province, north to the Inner Mongolia Grassland. Natural snow ski period is up to 120 days and snow storage period is up to more than 140 days. The slope of the slope is of 5 -35 degrees. It is regarded as the most ideal ski area in north China with an area of 300 square kilometers.


Huapiling Scenic Spot is located in the Dama Mountains of Yanshan Mountain, which is the highest peak in the western part of Beijing with the highest elevation of 2128.7m. The highest temperature is below 20 ℃ in summer, which is an ideal summer resort. You will feel the magic and charm of nature in the mountains and forests.

Jimingyi Ancient City

Located at the foot of Jimingshan Mountain in Huailai County, Jimingyi Ancient City is the most complete and largest postal post architecture in China by far. You will feel the thick sense of vicissitudes while walking in the city.


There is a natural desert in Huailai County known as the "Tianmo". It has become one of the best locations for domestic and foreign films due to its unique charm of natural scenery.

Huangdi City Ruin Cultural Tourism Area (Yellow Emperor City Ruins Cultural Tourism Zone)

Huangdi City Cultural Tourism Area is located in Zhuolu County. The main sites refers to Huangdi City, Huangdi Spring and Huangdi Temple. It is said that the water of Huangdi Spring would never rot in summer nor freeze in winter. There is also a beautiful lake called Xuanyuan Lake.

Wild Three Slope (Yesanpo)

Located in Laishui County, Baoding City, the Wild Three Slope is an extremely rare scenic area in northern China. Featuring the characteristics of "grand, danger, strange and secluded", it enjoys the reputation of paradise.


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