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A Pleasant Treat in Beijing's Open-air Restaurants


▶ Kodo Coffee

It is a cafe features a gorgeous environment and a high privacy among its three floors. Gadgets are sold on the first floor; tables and sofas are placed on the second floor; on the third floor is the terrace - a perfect place to take a sunbath and enjoy the Bell Tower in the distance. Many plants are arranged near the stairs as a decoration, attracting many girls who are to go upstairs to take a picture of them. The freshly-made milkshake has a strong milk fragrance and tastes very smooth, in addition to the small and cute cakes. In a word, it is a place suitable for afternoon tea.

Name: Kodo Coffee (可多咖啡)

Address: No. 190, East Gulou (Drum Tower) Street 鼓楼东大街190号

▶ Blue Lake Restaurant - A Lakeside Restaurant

Opened beside a beautiful lake in Lido Park, it mainly serves greatly delicious and healthy Western & Korean cuisines, attracting many guests from South Korea, whilst four freely complimentary dishes and ptisan which can be refilled are also served as an appetizer prior to the meal. Getting inside, you will find that the spacious dinning space full of natural sunlight is impressive, attributing to half of its roof made of glass; at the same time, the other half adopts lower structure, creating a comfortable dinning environment. As a whole, the transparent roof, glass walls, beautiful plants are suitable for dinner in day time or rainy days.

Name: Blue Lake Restaurant (罗兰湖餐厅)

Address: Inside Lido Park, No. 6, Fangyuan West Road, Chaoyang District 朝阳芳园西路6号丽都公园内

▶ Candu Restaurant & Bar

Standing in front of the Restaurant adjacent to the Yonghe Lama Temple, you can feel the long history of the Tibetan Buddhism Temple, enjoying the charm of ancient architectures; sitting inside, you can also enjoy its sweet and warm decoration, enthusiastic and thoughtful services while sense peace and joy brought by the delightful and elegant environment and Hutong cultures of this ancient city. When tasting the delicacies and looking at the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures with reverence, you will be struck by a transient ancient feeling; when drinking great wines and fragrant coffee with your companions or friends at sunset or at noon while talking about the past and the present, you will totally forget the urban bustle and hustle out of the window, just immerse into the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Name: Candu Restaurant & Bar (灿都餐吧)

Address: No. 13, Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District 东城五道营胡同13号


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