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‘Twice Olympic Cities’ expo marks 10th anniversary of 2008 Games


All eyes were on Beijing on August 8, 2008, as the Olympic Games had a grand opening at China's national stadium, the Bird's Nest. On the 10th anniversary of that historic day, an Olympic-themed expo has been taking place aimed at promoting the legacies of the Games and looking forward to the Chinese capital's next Olympic experience, the 2022 Winter Games.

The expo is running under the theme "Twice Olympic Cities."

It's meant to celebrate the cities which have hosted or will host two Olympic Games.

There is a range of projects on display, highlighting themes such as the Olympic Heritage, the Olympics and China and the Silk Road and Olympia.

It's hoped they can demonstrate how a Games can impact a host city's development, urban construction, and social advancement.

"On the one hand, the expo showcases many items related to the Olympics, such as the Olympic torch, medals, mascots, and posters," said Xia Sijun, the operation director of the expo. "On the other, we also present many projects that are designed to let more people, especially young people, get more involved in the Olympics."

In addition, the event also features some special projects, such as Olympics and Art, Olympic Market Forum, and Olympics and Sports Science.

Niko de La Faye, a French visual artist was there to showcase his M2B project. His work brings together kinetic sculpture, performance, installation, photography, and video. For Niko, it is an indispensable gesture in a world in which distances are narrowing, yet people are constantly moving further away from each other just as how the Olympics is bringing the world closer together.

Niko has also been invited to present M2B at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The expo, which will also be held in Shanghai, is serving as a way to introduce the 2022 Winter Olympics to the world.


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