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Some Activities You can Do in Chaoyang Park


Chaoyang Park (Sun Park) is one of those free entrance venues in Beijing that you should not take for granted just because they are free.

Having trees, flower gardens, a number of games to play, among other things, the park can be one of the places to visit this summer.

These are some of the activities that someone can do while in the park:

  • Gymnastics

The park has a number of brightly coloured gymnastic equipment that people that visit it can make use of. A number of people always come to the park to stretch, among other kinds of exercises.

  • Climbing

Though this requires money payment, it is also a thing that park goers try out. The park provides an artificial climbing environment where interested people participate in climbing a metallic wall.

  • A walk or a light run

Some people that enjoy walking can also find room for it in the park. A light run too is possible.

  • Play badminton or table tennis

Badminton and table tennis are two common games in the park. People come here and spend time playing these games.

  • Watching fish

There are large pools of green water in the park. Someone can also spend some little time looking at the small fish swimming in the pools.

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