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“National No.1 Scenic Boulevard” Landscaped with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Charming Views


Stretching from Saihanba forest town in Mulan Paddock in the east to Fengning Datan Town in the west, the 180km-long “National No.1 Scenic Boulevard” is open to traffic recently, linking Chengde’s most beautiful self-driving route and Zhangjiakou’s Grassland Sky Road together. In addition to this grassland scenic route, there is no shortage of other characteristic routes worth a visit in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Mind you, the boulevard is lined with the most breathtaking beauty.

With the direct linkage of China’s most beautiful highway “Grassland Sky Road” and China’s most charming self-driving route “Beijing-Chengde Royal Route”, a 1,000-li scenic boulevard, located around Beijing 7th ring road, is connecting many scenic areas. As for the most beautiful highways, there are two highways actually in Hebei- “Grassland Sky Road” in Zhangjiakou and “Beijing-Chengde Royal Route” in Chengde. However, the two scenic belts failed to be connected with high-grade highways all along. Now, as Zhangjiakou-Chengde Expressway and Yudaokou-Datan Expressway are open to traffic, “Beijing-Chengde Royal Route” is conveniently located to meet Zhangjiakou Guyuan County and “Grassland Sky Road” at Fengning Datan Town. Thus, it is possible for Hebei’s two prettiest routes to join each other at Bashang area.

As the geographic boundary between transition areas of Mongolian Plateau and North China Plain, the “National No.1 Scenic Boulevard” is home to diverse natural landscapes like forest, grassland, lake, wetland and mountain.


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