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Beijing to further develop southern area


Beijing will carry out action plans to further develop the southern part of the city from 2018 to 2022, including the construction of Beijing New Airport and Beijing Lize Financial Business District, according to Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform.

In an effort to better tackle the imbalance between the development of the north and south of the city, Beijing will launch a three-year plan (2018-2020) for the southern districts of Fengtai, Fangshan, Daxing, and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (E-Town), aimed at strengthening areas of weakness in environmental protection and public services, improving the transportation infrastructure networks and providing a fresh impetus to the capital's development.

Officials from the city's economic planning body outlined that the building of the urban system and spatial layout of southern part of the city will uphold the principles of "One axis, Two corridors, Two belts." The "One axis" refers to the central axis in the southern part of the city, which underpins ecological advancement, and allows room for future adjustment.

The "Two corridors" will play a vital role in coordinating the development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, with a focus on building an effective transportation network, transforming functional industries and improving the ecological environment.

The southern part of the city, especially E-Town and Zhongguancun parks in Fentai, Fangshan and Daxing, will build innovation industrial clusters of global influence, while the Xishan-Yongding River Cultural Belt will focus on the protection and showcase of cultural legacies.

According to officials, the southern part of Beijing also plans to reform and innovate in the areas of regulation, land use and investment mechanisms. It will set out a series of new measures for wider opening-up, such as attracting foreign talents, foreign investment institutions and technology innovation centers, to further boost development in the area.

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