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2018 Yanqi Lake Colored Lights & Beer Festival


Recently, 2018 Yanqi Lake Colored Lights& Beer Festival kicked off by the beautiful Yanqi Lake. With an infinite selection of delicacies and beer tasting, and picturesque views, it has been a popular getaway for tourists who want a relaxing escape from summer heat.

Stretching for four months and themed on “colored lights show, delicacies and beer tasting, and night boating experience”, the festival features five theme functional areas including delicacies and beer tasting, water screen laser light show, entertainment activities, evening lantern-viewing, and drive-in cinema. And the two-story café patio flanking Yanqi Lake is used as the main venue of this beer festival which can hold 200 diners inside and outside together. Apart from twenty-odd kinds of barbecue food including mutton kebabs, roasted pork chops and roasted fresh oysters, in the evening, it will roll out a dozen of iced drinks not to mention multiple refreshing beers including Yanjing Original Weissbier, Yanjing Fresh Beer and Yanjing Supreme.

And it is worth mentioning that Yanqi Lake enjoys breathtaking natural landscapes which grow even more charming in the evening. For tourists, a cruise around the lake with family and friends comes highly recommended to get an eyeful of the chanting lake and mountain scenery. Moreover, there is also a globally largest lighting project for evening mountain and lake scenery, where you can enjoy the unique charm of venues of APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation in evening and the landscape of “a Chinese ink and wash painting with lofty mountains and great waters”.

Yanqi Lake Scenic Area is open to the public for free in the evening since July 1st, and tourists can enter and come out of the scenic area at any time. Meanwhile, it also launches three kinds of through tickets for the evening – the 150-yuan parent-child through ticket including seven entertainment projects such as a cruise for two parents and one child and merry-go-round, the 68-yuan through ticket including cruise, dynamic revolving chair and other five fixed entertainment projects, the 40-yuan children through ticket including merry-go-round, cartoon train and other two entertainment projects.

Traffic routes:

1. Take Express Bus 916 at Dongzhimen Traffic Hub Hall, get off at Miaochengdong, change here for Bus H58 (East Miaocheng - Jiugukou), and get off at Yanqi Lake.

2. Take Express Bus 916 at Dongzhimen Traffic Hub Hall, get off at Yangjiayuanin Huairou District, walk across the road, change here for Bus 864 and get off at Yanqi Lake; or get off at Yangjiayuan, walk along the intersection eastward, arrive at Yujiayuan, change here for Bus H18 (Yujiayuan - Tanghekou) or Bus H29 (Yujiayuan - Shidongzi), and get off at Yanqi Lake.

3. TakeYanqi Lake - Qinglong Gorge Tourist Express at Bus Station outside Dongzhimen: the express bus departs the Bus Station outside Dongzhimen at 8:30 and returns from Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area at 16:00.


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