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Great Sushi Restaurants


Xiao Sushi (Tuanjiehu Branch Store)

Although the restaurant is hard to find, it is still popular with the delicious food. The store is not big enough, with only a dozen tables decorated in Japanese style and quiet environment. It provides varieties of sushi rolls with assorted ingredients, such as a type of sushi roll which has rich fish roe on the top with a whole fried shrimp wrapped that tastes amazing. Another sushi with a special name—City Lover, has delicious eel in it l with sweet and soft taste, and fresh avocado, which is worth to have a taste.

Address: 2F, Building 3, Tongguang Building, Court No.12, Nongzhanguan South Road

Woomy Sushi

Located at the 8th floor of Chaoyang Joy City, Woomy Sushi is an open-type restaurant; customers can see masters making sushi inside through the large glass window, and there is a long refrigerator in the front with many kinds of sushi inside, stimulating customers’ appetites. Eel sushi is very popular; the eel is cut to thick slices with soft taste, and the sauce is salty and slightly sweet that makes the sushi very delicious. California Roll has very rich ingredients, including cucumber, turnip, and tuna with nice flavor.

Address: 8F, Chaoyang Joy City, No.101, Chaoyang North Road

Hefeng Sushi (Shuangjing Branch Store)

Located at Tianli Street of Shuangjing, the restaurant, with the unique decoration in artistic style, thus is very suitable for taking pictures and popular for women. Ingredients are very fresh. Foie Gras Sushi with Avocado is delicious, with nice taste to match together that fragrant and dense avocado and fresh foie gras are made well. Eel Sushi with Mango consists of rice, eels and mango from bottom to top, tied together with fried eel sauce and black and white sesame on the top. It has very good appearance and taste.

Address: No.1, Building 15, Tianli Street


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