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Attractions to Escape from Scorching Sunshine


Lingxi Valley

The ups and downs of the mountains here make the valley sandwiched between two mountains. There is a small reservoir at the end of the valley, and a number of ponds and waterfalls formed in accordance with the terrain.

The trees forest and the flowers cover in both sides of the mountains, so when you are standing here, with breeze and bird’s twittering, you seem to step into the paradise.

You can have a rest in the valley and forests, and enjoy the bird's twittering and the flowers' fragrance. In the open picnic zone, you can also picnic, barbecue, camp tents, and enjoy the scenery of nature. You will also linger in the "Eight Sceneries of Lingxi" such as Shentan, Wolong Pond, Hutou Mountain.

▶ Ticket: 10 yuan

▶ Address: Nearby Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Area, Mentougou District, Beijing 北京市门头沟区妙峰山风景区附近

Yudu Mountain

Yudu Mountain is a little-known virgin land and a green memory preserved the most primitively by nature in Beijing. The mountains, rocks, forests, springs, waterfalls, flowers, and grass are all available in the scenic, while the beautiful scenery is clear, secluded, quiet and wild.

When you walk along the trail, you feel like you are in a dreamily beautiful picture.

You can have a close contact with the pure and translucent Wangyou (lotus) Lake, the beautiful alpine meadow, and the original and mysterious forest. Everything wonderful you can think of can be found here.

▶ Ticket: 60 yuan/person

▶ Address: Eastern Yuhuangmiao Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District, Beijing 北京市延庆区张山营镇玉皇庙村东


There is a beautiful valley with tranquil environment in Beijing, unknown for hiding in the suburb, which is called the Small River in Northern Beijing--Shuiquangou. The valley shades with greenery, with streams murmuring. Beautiful spots are hidden in the waterfalls and ponds, and the ancient Great Wall stretches beside you. How do you feel about these beautiful sceneries?

Shuiquangou is located at the junction of Yanqing and Huairou, and it is a beautiful crossing route. This is a free and unknown attraction and you can reach Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall and Heilongtan Scenic Area directly from the path. The spring murmurs through the mountains, where you can walk leisurely and comfortably.

Walking in the valley, the air is fresh, the valley is shaded by greenery, the stream murmurs on the roadside, and one or two small fish swim occasionally. When you are used to armored concrete and high-rise buildings in the city, you will feel so wonderful after reaching the suburb.

▶ Ticket: free

▶ Address: Shuiquangou Village, Dazhuangke Town, Yanqing District, Beijing 北京市延庆区大庄科乡水泉沟村


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