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Yuan Chang Hou Tea House

The name of the time-honored tea shop derives from three sentences: “Rising from obscurity, time will crown the shop with long history and mighty financial strength”. Since its foundation in 1912, Yuan Chang Hou Tea House deepens its connotation along with the increasingly mellow tea fragrance. Undergoing the ups and downs in the 100-year history, Yuan Chang Hou Tea House forges the renowned brand with its own characteristics and culture.

The tradition that every new employee shall receive the history introduction has been adhered to; every tea shop has established the convenience seat, and provided free boiled water, mailing and delivery service; regular Tea Drinking & Consulting Activity has been organized in the tea house, in which experienced technicians will give on-site interpretation and tea drinking knowledge handbook will be distributed as a gift. Plentiful frequent customers still patronize Yuan Chang Hou Tea House at regular intervals although they have moved far away. In addition, some customers pay a special visit to the shop for dropping around and visitation to former salesclerks. Yuan Chang Hou Tea House rests its survival and downfall on the philosophy of generous treatment to people. The friendship tied by tea will never perish.

Address: No. 14, Xisi South Street, Xicheng District

Minghui Teahouse

Despite that “Longjing Tea” and “Hupao Spring” are crowned as the best offerings of Hangzhou, perfect combination of such grade is available here in Minghui Teahouse. Embraced by the secluded and serene atmosphere, Dajue Temple endows tourists with towering pine and cypress, magnolia, majestic ancient temple, memorial remnant stele and famous springs giggling all year round. Minghui Teahouse, hidden in the Dajue Temple, has benefited from this pleasant serenity to offer best tea and spring to guests. Sitting in the teahouse or standing in the courtyard, customers would appreciate historical profoundness and cultural richness. To enjoy Biluochun, abundant joy would steal on you.

Address: Temple of Enlightenment, Beianhe Township, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District

Lin Xi Teahouse

Combining the implication of “Wood and Water” respectively embodied by “Lin” and “Xi”, “Lin Xi Teahouse” gains its name for locating outside the southeast gate of “Shui Mu Qing Hua”. Lin Xi Teahouse features famous teas of Fujian, including Da Hong Pao, Tieguanyin, White Tea, Lapsang Souchong and Jin Jun Mei. Arranging spacious room for each seat, the teahouse uses simple furniture and ornaments, which exude the rich charm of tea culture, to embody its elegant and graceful design style. If guests come alone, the leisure resting on reading will be available in Lin Xi Teahouse; otherwise, they can play cheese, chant poetry and paint pictures.

Address: West of Commerce at the Bottom, Building C, Technology Mansion, TusPark, Court No. 1, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District

Zizhuyuan Tea House

Being adept at the classics of tea ceremony and tea making, “Zizhuyuan Tea House” is reputed as the only candidate in Beijing. Located on the No. 7 of Shouti South Road, Haidian District, Zizhuyuan Tea House boasts its elegance with classic simplicity, while revealing the invincible spirit with its name inscription. Entering the teahouse, a new world will emerge in front of guests. Tender bamboo, blue water, green artificial hill and blooming flowers together bring guests the illusion that they were in the countryside flower nursery of the heaven of peace and happiness. Decorated with wooden corridor and colored glaze eave, the teahouse places plain and elegant tea tables. The prestigious fine tea will endow guests with mellowness and fragrance by lightly sipping it. Surrounded by the serenity, guests will also appreciate the essence of authentic tea art. Please don’t hesitate and have a try!

Address: No. 7, Shouti South Road, Haidian District


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