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JIN Xing Dance Theatre Trinity


Venue: Theatre

Dates: July 17-18, 2018


The Jin Xing Dance Theatre not only serves as an arena for outstanding young dancers, but also builds a platform for international avant-garde choreographers to sweep into China to dazzle with their amazing works. Every year, choreographers from various countries visit the Jin Xing Dance Theatre and so the modern dance work Trinity also comes to the fore…

Trinity is a triple bill programme, which comprises creations of three international choreographers from other countries. The different dance works has led to multiple versions of Trinity. Every version demonstrates special and unique qualities.


The word “Application” in English refers to application programme, which is also synonymous with the most commonly-used communication tool of this era. The smartphone endows communications with more dimensions. The Dutch choreographer explores for the transformation of modern communications through a dance creation. All dancers on stage come equipped with smartphones as they project camera pictures for stage background.


Choreographer: Michael Schumacher

Composers: John Cage, Etta James

Lighting Designer: WANG Peng

Costume Designer: JIN Xing

Performers: all dancers of Jin Xing Dance Theatre


Created by South African artist, Echo focuses on women. Every woman has an individual story to tell, which is intertwined within the group and echos with each other. Through a feminine perspective, the work expounds on the perceptions and experiences of changes in life. Women’s lives not only reveal similar struggles, but are also calls for self-expression and solidarity in a greater sense.


Choreographer: Moya Michael

Acoustic Effect Designer: ZHANG Ziqian

Lighting Designer: WANG Peng

Costume Designer: JIN Xing

Performers: female dancers of Jin Xing Dance Theatre

Cage Birds

Our daily life is filled with invisible cages, so we feel trapped in cages by ourselves and others. Faced with the protection provided by the cage, are we willing to give up and seek for freedom? People often fail or cannot express love on account of personal obstacles and fears. Cage Birds gains insights into the bondage and expression for love by means of the dance of freedom.


Choreographer: Arthur Kuggeleyn

Composer: Christian Meyer

Lighting Designer: WANG Peng

Costume Designer: JIN Xing

Performers: all dancers of Jin Xing Dance Theatre


JIN Xing Artist Director

The famous dance artist JIN Xing has unconventional ideas. In 1978, she joined the Qianjin Song and Dance Troupe of the Shenyang Military Region. In 1984, she graduated from the Department of Dance of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts with an excellent academic performance. She won the first prize in the first period of the Chinese Dance "Taoli Cup" (junior group) and the "Especially Excellent Performer Award of the Second Term" in the Nationwide Dance Competition. In 1988, she was the first dancer from the Chinese mainland to win the full scholarship issued by the Asian Cultural Foundation of America and American Dance Festival to further study modern dance in the USA. In 1991, her representative work Half Dream won the Best Choreographer Award at the American Dance Festival, and she joined an Italian television station as its permanent choreographer. After studying abroad in the USA and Europe for six years, she went to Belgium and joined the Royal Dance Academy.

In 1996, she cooperated with the Beijing Ministry of Culture to set up the Beijing Modern Dance Company. In 1998, her representative work The Red and the Black won the Wenhua Award issued by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. In 1999, she set up the Shanghai-based Jin Xing Dance Theatre. In 2000, she moved her troupe to Shanghai. In 2006, she successfully established the International Modern Dance Festival entitled "Dance in Shanghai", a modern dance festival held by a non-governmental organisation.

JIN Xing’s achievements in the art of dance are recognised by art circles and the general public at home and abroad. In November 2006, she was named Honourary Doctor of Dance by the Dartington College of Arts, Plymouth University. From 2008 to 2009, she was evaluated as a Cultural Leader of Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal Government. In 2012, as the second Chinese prize winner, she had the honour of winning "Literature and Arts Knight" issued by the French Ministry of Culture. On July 1st, 2014, she had the honour of winning an Honourary Doctoral Degree Of Dance Arts issued by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.


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