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JIN Xing Dance Theatre Wild Flowers


Venue: Theatre

Dates: July 20-21, 2018


The modern dance work Wild Flowers crystallizes a new attitude of the Jin Xing Dance Theatre for 2018 that epitomizes its unremitting efforts for nearly four years, while witnessing the second collaboration between the JIN Xing and choreographer Arthur Kuggeleyn. As a Dutch avant-garde choreographer, Arthur Kuggeleyn has been engaged in theatrical performances in Switzerland and Berlin. His choreography works challenge and break through the traditional choreography style and demonstrate matrix aesthetics of theatrical scenarios, which has been vividly embodied by Cage Birds, a highly-praised masterpiece in several tours at home and abroad.

Rather than “flower in the field,” Wild Flowers casts light on an existence of “attitude” that is violent and unique, revealing goals and determination, and indicates a type of headstrong vitality. Such vitality can make a wildflower bloom in the hard cement, make a wildflower colourful against the pale backdrop, and make a wildflower uphold its graceful style despite confinement…

When it comes to the modern dance Wild Flowers, Artistic Director JIN Xing said, Wild Flowers marks an existence of attitude. It has bright and strong characteristics, follows full-fledged expressionist spirit, never bows to mediocrity, fearlessly sets the foothold, and brilliantly blooms with freedom.

Choreographer: Arthur Kuggeleyn

Starring: HAN Bin, SUN Zhuzhen, LIU Xiaotong, ZONG Cenyang, GAO Qinqin, ZHOU Yun, RONG Sha

Jin Xing Dance Theatre

Founded in 1999, the Jin Xing Dance Theatre is the first private modern dance company in China.

Under the leadership of artistic director and dancer JIN Xing, the theatre has developed into the backbone of modern Chinese dance industry. Since 2002, the Jin Xing Dance Theatre has toured many countries and regions across Asia, Europe and North America. Moreover, it has participated in some famous art festivals and dance festivals worldwide, such as dance festivals in the UK and Switzerland, Venice Biennale in Italy, Salzburg Festival in Austria, EXPO 2008 Zaragoza in Spain, Macao Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Adelaide Festival in Australia, as well as various dance festivals in Germany, the USA and France.

Many permanent repertoires are presented by the Jin Xing Dance Theatre, including Shanghai Tango (2000), Carmina Burana (2000), From East to West (2002), Shanghai Beauty (2005), The Closest The Furthest (2006), Made in China—Return of the Soul (2007), The China Project (2009), Trinity (2013) and Different Loneliness (2014).

The Jin Xing Dance Theatre consists of 23 outstanding dancers from all over the country. Its preeminent ideological realm and artistic taste embody the artistic style of perfect combination between Western culture and traditional Chinese culture characteristics.


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