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Peking Style Breakfast Bars


Lao Ciqikou Douzhi Shop - Most-favored by Beijingers

The Lao Ciqikou Douzhi Shop is a popular shop among Beijingers. Drinking Douzhir (fermented mung bean juice) is good for your health. Having Douzhir together with Jiaoquan (a crispier fried ring) and the shredded pickled vegetables will make you feel comfortable - a great enjoyment especially in spring.

Address: Opposite the North Gate of the Temple of Heaven, Dongcheng District 东城区天坛北门对面

Kailin Hufangqiao Luzhu Shop

Many people said that the food in this shop, especially the steamed stuffed buns with half fermented skin and oily stuffing, will remind you of your childhood. The Luzhu (wheaten cake boiled with pork intestines and pork lungs) adopts real stuff and has authentic flavor. Chaogan (Beijing-style stewed liver) is great, and the sauce is well thickened.

Address: South of Workers' Club, No. 7, Hufangqiao Street, Xicheng District 西城区虎坊桥路7号工人俱乐部南侧

Laohuihui Snack Bar

The sweetened twisted rolls are the most famous snack, which adopt abundant brown sugar and sesame paste. Though it looks black, it is yummy. Neighbors here are fond of the jellied bean curd and deep-fried dough cakes for their breakfast.

Address: No. 9, North Street of Baiwangzhuang, Xicheng District 西城区百万庄北街9号


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