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Create a Forest in Your Mouth with Matcha


For a person who is fond of matcha, it must be pleasant to eat matcha dessert in sizzling summer as if a forest is creating in your mouth.

Wuyutai Ice Cream

Wuyutai is one of Beijing’s time-honored brands of renown. With three green Chinese characters (its Chinese name) and the English name beside them above its door head, decorated by black bricks, grey tiles and red door, the Shop is very impressive and attracts a great attention. It gains great popularity not merely for its well-known tea but also its amazing tea-flavored ice cream. There are all kinds of flavors like matcha, scented tea and green tea, which would give you a blending taste of sweet cream and tea.

Address: No. 42 Qianmen Avenue

Wuxie Japanese Dessert

Matcha of Wuxie is free of essence, pigment or antiseptic. People familiar with matcha are certain to gain wonderful feeling after just having one bite. As long as your stomach can afford it, you can enjoy yourself for concentrated Uji matcha ice cream, mini-matcha cheese cake, mini-matcha lactogenesis volume, matcha chocolate Nama chocolate, etc. Matcha mille crepe cake and concentrated Uji matcha ice cream are specialty in our store. One layer of chopped pecan with a little bit salty taste is scattered on the surface, cake crust is very soft, the clear hierarchical structure can still be seen after one digging by a spoon.

Address: Floor 8, Joy City Mall, Qingnian Road

Matcha Café

Matcha Café provides numerous desserts with the taste of matcha, including Matcha Fondant, Matcha Layer Cake, Uji Matcha Ice Cream, Matcha Tea, Coffee & Matcha, Vanilla & Matcha Café au lait and Peach Gum Matcha with Milk Cap. Beverage is divided into two series, i.e., Matcha Tea and Elegant Tea. In addition, the Swan-shaped Puff and Rose-shaped Chocolate Mousse are also pretty featured desserts of the shop.

Address: Floor 8, Joy City Mall, Qingnian Road


With regards to matcha, matcha mille crepe cake is essential, mille crepe cake with chopped pecan supplied by Yuguozi will be more appetizing. Cake crust is exactly soft, then it will not be filled with creamy taste for being too soft, or its taste will not be affected for being too hard. Fragrance of matcha is exactly fine. Matcha lava cake shall be finished before it turns cold. Upon it is available, the crust is soft, with just one poking, white chocolate lava mixed with matcha will flow out slowly. Bitter matcha fuses with sweet chocolate wonderfully, bringing fresh and peculiar taste for people. Black honey tea fern, with Q bounce and silken taste, astringent feeling occurring in plain aftertaste of matcha, is very nice and cool.

Address: Floor 8, Joy City Mall, Qingnian Road

Qingchu Matcha

For the people who are fond of matcha, no store can be better than Qingchu Matcha. The matcha ice-cream cone is a typical food of the store. The matcha ice-cream cone with gold wrapping is a specialty. This ice-cream cone is wrapped with a layer of gold foil, and its taste is similar to the matcha ice-cream cone. However, its picture is more attractive! If the pure matcha ice cream can no longer satisfy your “picky” palate, you may try the combined ice-cream cone, which contains such flavors as bamboo charcoal and mocha. Such flavors are different, but can absolutely bring you a new understanding of matcha ice-cream cones.

Address: 5th Floor, Hualian Shopping Mall, Wudaokou, 28 Chengfu Road


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