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Two-in-one Bookstore & Coffee House


Land Academy

Land Academy is not only a bookstore but also a veritable café which can serve 46 customers at a time. In addition to the staff of publishing houses, students and faculty members of surrounding schools, and residents of neighboring communities, it also welcome guests from far away. Tea, coffee, desserts, pizza, pasta, western snacks and a wide range of foods are all available here. Flame Pizza that has satisfying cheese stuffing is strongly recommended. Every bite you take is like a little taste of happiness.

Address: near the Geological Publishing House, No. 31 Xueyuan Road

People’s Education Press Bookstore - Sishi Tongtang

About 700 meters from the People’s Education Press Bookstore lies Sishi Tongtang (Four Generations under One Roof), where provides a place to give yourself a treat when you are hungry after reading. It can be reached in 7 or 8 minutes on foot.

Following an original taste of old Beijing, garnitures in the store such as pawnshop-style service desk, birdcage-like sofa seats, and antique furnishings, all tell a strong sense of age. It mainly offers authentic Beijing-style cuisines and new Beijing-style dishes.

For example, zhizi (round-shaped iron plate) grilled meat, fermented mung bean juice dried, pot-stewed baked wheaten cakes, and egg roll yam are all popular among eaters. It is well-known that Wendao Shifu restaurant in Cheerying Village is famous for baked pancake rolled with hairtail. While in fact, Sishi Tongtang is not inferior in any respect at this dish.

Address: Floor 1, Pan Pacific Plaza, No. 12 A Zhongguancun South Street

FLTRP Bookstore - Danglv Café

A 700-meter walk east from the west campus of Beijing Foreign Studies University leads to the Danglv Café on the edge of the university’s gymnasium. This café was opened by a group of graduates of this university and its employees are mostly part-time students.

Although as a semi-underground shop, it is well-lit and features white-based overall design, making it more bright and spacious. It is known that the last-year renovation added the café more seats, which provides greater convenience to coffee drinkers and book lovers. Instead of the atmosphere in libraries, many people find that they are more easily engrossed in books in a relaxed environment such as in a coffee house. As a result, coffee + books have become a symbol for guests in Danglv Café. Although not so many desserts are offered here, each one boasts fine looking and dainty taste. Such as the strongly recommend orange mousse, which features bright color, salivating smell and soft taste with superior sweet orange sauce.

Address: north to the Gymnasium of Beijing Foreign Studies University, No. 2, West 3rd Ring North Road


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