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#EAT WELL# with 10-Hand Special Chef's Menu and Celebrate The Westin Beijing Chaoyang 10-Year Anniversary in Style


From 21st June to 5th July, celebrate The Westin Beijing Chaoyang 10 year anniversary in well-being style. #EAT WELL# and maintain a healthy lifestyle with our nutritious 5-course 10-hand special chef’s menu at Grange Grill, presented by five chefs featuring their signature dishes from Seasonal Tastes, Zen5es, Grange Grill, Mai and pastry.

The RMB621 menu provides guests the opportunity to sample our classics from all four restaurants. Our kitchen and service teams will collaborate and provide a fulfilling dining experience which will reflect our restaurants signatures.

The Grange signature bread is an enriching start to the meal. It offers five distinct flavors, freshly baked aromas and a chewy yet crispy texture. The bubbalicious seafood comes with a burst of freshness combing delicate lobster flesh with caviar. Continuing the seafood theme, the soup “goes local” with classic hot and sour flavors.

The signature Kansai style barbecue eel from Mai is a staple summer dish from Japan. The eel fillets are gratinated and glazed with a sweetened soy-based sauce, and the fishbone softens after a few rounds of steam, gratinate and saucing. Yet the pièce de résistance is wagyu beef “Rossini”, this French classic steak served with foie gras named after a composer, the dish has a history of more than 150 years. We complete the meal with a sweet marriage of temperature and texture - hot and cold, crunchy and smooth.

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