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First National Zoo-Beijing Zoo


The Beijing Zoo acting as a landmark of Beijing is the premier playground among all zoos in the city. It serves numerous visitors on festivals and holidays, and enjoys a long history which can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. Following the order of the emperor, it was founded inside an agricultural proving ground by the Ministry of Commerce in 1906. The proving ground was built on the site at Xizhimenwai Street, where two parks and two temples including Guangshan Temple, Hui’an Temple, Leshan Park and Jiyuan Park were built originally. The zoo park was divided into botanical garden, agricultural proving ground and zoo at that time. The initial zoo was located in the east of the park covering an area of 1.5 hectares. It was the first zoo open to the public in China and the first park open to the public in the North of China. According to the research this site is also the cradle of Chinese modern zoos, botanical gardens and museums.

Beijing Zoo, formally named in 1955, covers about 90 hectares now. It boasts about 500 species and more than 5,000 heads of rare wild animals on display. With more than 5 million visitors home and abroad annually, it plays a crucial role as a “National Zoo”. By adhering to the mission of promoting education and wildlife protection and focusing on tourism safety and service, it sets the goal of developing Beijing into a world city and tries the best to shape Beijing Zoo into a business card of Beijing which shows the capital elegance to domestic tourists and the image of China to overseas travelers. It is the one of key national parks, a national 4A tourist attraction and a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level. It has been awarded as “National Popular Science Education Base”.

As time flies and things change fast, the original agricultural proving ground has developed into a modern zoo. With hills and ancient buildings, pavilions and bridges, streams and springs, flowers and ivies, and all kinds of lovely animals and cultural relics, Beijing Zoo has been a beautiful and elegant paradise for scientific research, conservation education, cultural exchanges, and knowledge spreading. In addition, it is also an ideal place for family outing.

Opening Hours: April 1–October 31: 7:30-18:00

Add: No 137 Xizhimen Outer Street, Xicheng District, Beijing


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