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Beijing Wildlife Park


Located in a vast forest in the Yufa Town of Daxing District, the Beijing Wildlife Park is a large natural ecological park that integrates animal protection, wildlife domestication, breeding, as well as science popularization education. The park covers an area of 3,600mu, bringing together more than 10,000 rare wild animals in over 200 kinds around the world, and ten plus species of rare birds and wild apes endemic to China.

To display all kinds of wild animals, 32 theme animal viewing areas and exhibition halls are set up in the park, including the free-range and mixed breeding animal viewing areas, walking viewing area, animal performance area, public education area, and the children’s zoo. In the free-range and mixed breeding animal viewing areas, clusters of wolves and oxen, lions, and cubs live together, which shows a dynamic balance in power through quantitative control, resulting in an evenly matched confrontational effect and a strong visual impact. While the walking viewing area offers tourists a place to play with tame and friendly animals such as deer, roe deer and squirrels.

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30, May - September

Add: Yufa Town, Daxing District, Beijing


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