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Theme Restaurants in Beijing


Baoqing Wangshi Theme Restaurant

A large variety of food is for your choice at the restaurant, including rice noodles, noodles, rice, cuisines and wines, among which the cuisines that are worth recommending are the beef rice noodles featuring large amount and matching with side dishes and a small kettle of rice wine. Stewed fish and tofu featuring tender tofu and tasty fish with fewer fish bones. Jiaxiang Waipocai made of asparagus bean, minced meat and carrot, also great with rice. In a word, this place is very suitable for party gathering and lunches at workdays.

Address: 0102D, Villa 5, East Zone of Jianwai SOHO, Chaoyang District

Lobster House

There are 40 ways to cook lobster, among which cream, spicy and black pepper tastes are the most popular as specialties. Mexico roasted lobster is delicious, fresh and slightly spicy, whilst its sufficient amount is enough for serving several people at the same time. Beef granules fried with colorful sweet peppers is also great with refreshing taste. In addition, the restaurant also offers the complimentary dishes. Here, you can enjoy fast dining services and beautiful dining environment.

Address: No. 1-14, Good Luck Street, Sun Park Road, Liangmaqiao/Sanyuanqiao

Yaneura Cafe Kitchen

All “maidservants” here are beautiful and hot, whilst they also are good and thoughtful servers. In addition, the omelet rice and sushi served here are greatly delicious and worth recommending. Meanwhile, the environment with comic and animation elements is also liked by many anime fans.

Address: Inside Wulunguan Kendo Hall, No. 39, West Maizidian Street


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