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Real Version of Master Lu Xun ‘Sanwei Bookstore’


It’s a very time-honored bookstore located in Tonglinge Road, Xicheng District, opened in 1988 by a couple by the name of Li. The bookstore is full of cultural aroma and humanistic feelings, and thus has become a favorite place of intellectuals. There are two floors as one for social science books, and the other, for “saloons”. The bookstore hosts non-scheduled salons and lectures.

Search all the shelves and you cannot find common popular books by Jin Yong, Chiung Yao or Han Han. Instead, books by Machiavelli, Baudelaire, Wittgenstein and other less-known writers occupy the shelves. In fact, it has become a high virtual threshold of the store to keep part of the readers out. This is exactly the orientation of the study.

Comment from internet users: “The real version of Master Lu Xun ‘Sanwei Bookstore’ has being opened quietly in the Hutong for twenty-one years, a floor of which is half underground, surrounded by books of humanities and social sciences, academics and world masterworks.


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