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“Global Day of Discovery – Tour of Handcraft Arts” was Successfully Held in Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel


"It's Business Unusual". Renaissance Hotel is famous for helping new-generation business travelers to explore cultural experience full of surprises. During the trip, guests could experience a wonderful artistic time and feel the interesting, intriguing and independent charms from the Renaissance.

"Global Day of Discovery" activity aims to encourage guests to enjoy its unique cultural and vibrant atmosphere as they spend their time in the hotel. Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel, guided by the Brand Concept, with folk artists and living artists, jointly set out the "Journey of Exploring the Art ", and shows the fashion, vitality and artistic beauty of Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel through a series of handicraft arts.

The "Global Day of Discovery – Tour of Handcraft Arts" invited the "Handicraftsman" taking Chinese culture as their Brand, who together with guests sense the connection between the individual and nature by jointly participating in the tie-dyeing process. The "Pearl Si", a high-end jewelry brand, impart production crafts of the pearl jewelry on the spot to customize the pure beauty tailored for guests. The flavorist from "Sweet Al" taught guests how to mix aromatherapy essential oils, thereby returning to inner lifestyles in their favorite flavors.

"Our philosophy is to take care of both our associates and our guests, so they keep coming back. It's my responsibility to make sure our guests walk away with great memories of their time here" said Mr. Michael Lunn, General Manager of Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel.

"Global Day of Discovery – Tour of Handcraft Arts" is committed to creating a journey of exploration and discovery for guests. All the architectural style, structural layout and cultural concept of the hotel have created a unique artistic conception for travelers. That offers the Millennial Generation new recognition to the high-end hotel brand. The hotel thus launches extraordinary Renaissance Journey for each experiencer.


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