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Monsieur de Pourceaugnac


enue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre

Dates: June 16-18, 2018


Premiered by Molière’s troupe at Chambord on October 6th, 1669 "for the King’s amusement", this play in three acts, rarely performed today, resumes several important themes dear to Moliere: marriage, money, and illness.

Taking on the form of a simple comedy, inspired by Italian comedia dell’arte canvas (Policinella pazzo per forza and Pulcinello burlato) and embellished by music and dance, Monsieur de Pourceaugnac is certainly one of the most somber and cruel plays that Moliere has written: three acts of a relentless descent into hell that leads Pourceaugnac to a state in which he does not know who he is any more. This impression of the ineluctability of a tragic and grotesque end to which de Pourceaugnac’s character comes, counterbalanced by the happy marriage of Eraste and Julie, is considerably accentuated by the importance that Moliere and Lully give to the music.


Second Musician/Egyptian/Countertenor: Erwin Aros

Nérine: Clémence Boué

Apothecary/Lawyer/Aarcher/Bass: Arnaud Richard

Egyptian/Soprano: Claire Debono

Doctor/Lucette/Swiss: Stéphane Facco

First Musician/Doctor/Lawyer/Exempt/Baritone-bass: Matthieu Lécroart

Julie: Juliette Léger

Monsieur de Pourceaugnac: Gilles Privat

Eraste/Swiss: Guillaume Ravoire

Sbrigani: Daniel San Pedro

Oronte: Alain Trétout

And the ensemble Les Arts Florissants (10 musicians)

Director & Harpsichordist: William Christie

Alternative: Jonathan Cohen, Paolo Zanzu


Freshly arrived from Limoges to marry young Julie, Pourceaugnac immediately falls prey to Sbrigani and Nérine, intriguers paid by the young lady’s lover to prevent this arranged marriage. Manipulated in turns by doctors, a pharmacist, a woman from Picardy and another one from Languedoc, the Swiss Guards, lawyers, an exempt, two archers… this small-town-man lost in the streets of the capital city as much as in his own head, will eventually have no other solution but to flee from Paris disguised as a woman.


Théatre des Bouffes du Nord

As a legendary venue where the walls patina witnesses the memory of exceptional events, the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord hosts actors and musicians from all over the world since its early days. Built in 1876, it re-opened in 1974 under the direction of Peter Brook and Micheline Rozan. In 2010, Olivier Mantei and Olivier Poubelle took over the management of the theatre and still carry on a tradition of a place of creation.

As seasons go by, the audience is invited to discover various productions combining successfully music, as well as theatre and opera. All kinds of music – classical, jazz but also contemporary music – compete for the runs on the concert season.

The Theatre des Bouffes du Nord produces a large part of its concerts and shows. In doing so, four new shows per season are added to the repertoire. New projects are supported by the theatre from the start and all through the creation process by new companies as well as renowned artists. This structuring mentoring is based on a collaboration and a commitment spirit preserved over the seasons and years.

In addition to Parisians shows, over 250 performances productions on tour are given all over the world.

Confident with its influence, the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord also claims its local presence and commits locally for the diversity of the audience and supports the access to creation for all.


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