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De La Vie Conjugale


Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre

Dates: June 12-13, 2018


“I create this work because I want to reflect on my own experiences and thoughts”.—Ingmar Bergman

In 1973, Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ullmann finally broke up despite their marriage bonds that had lasted for years. Later, Bergman spent several months on screenwriting to describe a couple’s moments of life for more than two decades and the film Scènes De La Vie Conjugale was shot. Bergman once again impresses everyone with his dazzling filmmaking.

The drama is adapted from Bergman's classic creation, which focuses on the intimacy in fixed scenes and highlight primitive life conditions after unnecessary superficial whitewashes are eliminated. Both lovers not only attract each other and get weary of each other, but also feel eager and disgusted. Sex, lies, compromise, isolation and despair behind the betrayals are revealed. The two protagonists present in a single scene like an arena for fighting. They give vent to the innermost world and entangle with each other. All their throbbing, strength and contradictions intertwine together. Such perspectives are the real experiences of humans. No subjective judgment and peeping take place. Every audience can project their own experiences on the scenes they witness to enrich the great work.


Lawyer Maryan has been married to Noology lecturer John for over ten years, with two daughters and enjoys a happy, peaceful life. Nevertheless, her friends Peter and Katrina are on the verge of divorcing. Maryan sighs and realizes that she’s gotten pregnant, but to her surprise, John wants her to have an abortion. One day, John tells Maryan that he has fallen in love with another woman named Paula, and so they live apart from each other in pain. When winding up their marriage contractually, they begin to hold resentment against each other, and not until years later do they realize the true meaning of love…


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