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Feng Cha

As the name suggests, the store provides all kinds of creative tea drinks. The Oreo cheese milk tea, blended with chocolate powders and sweet cheese, is of a lovely texture despite its high calorie. The rose oolong tea with mousse has moderate sweetness, together with fragrance of rose and slight bitterness of oolong.

Address: Floor 4, Beijing Urban-rural Trade Center, No. 23A Fuxing Road

Price Per Person: 19 yuan


The Heytea (喜茶in Chinese) is a tea brand that has gained great reputation in China. Two branches of this popular brand opened in Sanlitun and the Joy City in Beijing. The Sanlitun Branch is much unique due to its "black" theme and special cheese tea.

Concentrating on traditional tea culture, Heytea serves various tea drinks with cheese and cream. The combination of tea and cheese is especially magic. Reasonable price and unique taste make the hotness of the shop among young people. A cup of tea is below 30 yuan but well prepared. You can select the sweetness of the drink as you prefer. Besides tasty tea drinks, desserts are exquisite and palatable as well.


Each customer is limited to 3 cups.

Recommended Drinks:

Heytea Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Milk Cream, Cheese Tea


S6-11A, #6 Building, #19 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Floor 1, #101 Building, Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.


You can get a super big cup of Like a Velvet Freakshake at merely 45 yuan, which is totally an incredible price here in Xidan. The cream is luscious, and you won’t feel greasy no matter how much you've eaten. There's also a strawberry-flavored ice sucker Popsicle inserted on the top, which is fresh and cool, and you will clearly sense the strawberry sarcocarp in your mouth. And the shack is so abundant that you can hardly finish it by your own.

Address: No.12-13 Shops, Floor 9, Joy City Xidan, Xidan North Street

Price Per Person: 45 yuan

Matcha Café

It is the only branch of Matcha Café in Beijing! Located in Sanlitun SOHO, it is a dreamlike dessert shop with the integration of Japanese style and European retro style, satisfying the fantasy of young girls. Delicate desserts are provided for customers in the shop.

It provides numerous desserts with the taste of matcha, including Matcha Fondant, Matcha Layer Cake, Uji Matcha Ice Cream, Matcha Tea, Coffee & Matcha, Vanilla & Matcha Café au lait and Peach Gum Matcha with Milk Cap. In addition, the Swan-shaped Puff and Rose-shaped Chocolate Mousse are also pretty featured desserts of the shop. Customers are able to enjoy tasty desserts in a good atmosphere in Matcha Café.

Address: No. 122, Floor B1, Building 1, Sanlitun SOHO

Guancha Experience Shop

Located in Basement 1, Pacific Century Place, it is a small shop simply decorated in green and white, which is salubrious.

The shop is small but fully-equipped. The order place is arranged on the left side, and the dessert samples are displayed in the showcase in a bid to both decorate the shop and attract more customers.

The shelf opposite the order place is used to display matcha snacks including Matcha Chocolate with Cream, Matcha Chocolate with Strawberry Fillings, Rose & Vanilla Nougat and Matcha Chocolate with Almond Fillings. Customers can taste their samples and buy the favorite with fresh combination.

Although the matcha drinks and matcha cakes are plain-looking, they boast the strong taste of matcha just like other matcha desserts.

Address: Floor B1, Pacific Century Place, A No. 2, Gongti North Road


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