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Things to Do on Children's Day


Children's Day is June 1, and to celebrate there are special activities in Beijing on the day. Here are five of them that will get your kids excited.

Be a Farmer at Yongshan Farmstay

Yongshan Farmstay is located at “Deling Ming Tomb” in the world cultural heritage protection area of Ming Tombs. Yongshan Farmstay leans against Mangshan Mountain in the east, neighbors Ming Tombs Reservoir in the south and Qikongqiao Flowers Sea in the west. Surrounded by the mountain and reservoir, it enjoys fresh air. In Yongshan Farmstay, there plants all kinds of fruits including 300 cherry trees and over 2,000 jujube trees, apricot trees, plum trees, pear trees, apple trees and so on for tourists to pick up all year around.

There is also a plot of land of 20 mu to breed chai chicken and 11 greenhouses to mainly plant strawberry, tomato, cucumber and other organic vegetables. Apart from picking-up service, mountaineering, photography and riding races, Yongshan Farmstay also offers farm work experience, children entertainment, adoption of land and so on.

Address: No. 65 Deling Village, Shisanling Town, Changping District, Beijing

Ride at Kangxi Grassland

Billed as “Natural Oxygen Bar”, Kangxi Grassland covers an area of nearly 10,000mu. The level ground here is nice for gallop. One of pioneers of horse riding in Beijing, Kangxi Grassland Club boasts nearly 200 horses of different varieties for visitors to choose from according to their physical condition and experience.

The club also provides middle and old age visitors and children with carriage, camel and pony. To spread and enhance equestrian sport, the racecourse offers horse riding training courses in spring, summer and autumn. Experienced trainers, reins men and horsemen would instruct safety knowledge, ridding and sitting posture, and strength training about horse riding.

Address: Kangxi Grassland, Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing County

Read at Poplar Bookstore

Poplar Bookstore was once rated as one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world. As a children-oriented bookstore, it mainly markets classic children’s books and deals with the planning and implementing of reading activities for early childhood, as well as designing and making puzzle toys.

Walking through the glass doors of the store, neither bookshelves nor colorful standees coming into sight, but a small hall at the left hand side, which is carpeted in red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple from the roof, walls to the floor, creating a childlike dream world. With the lazy sunlight slanting through a big glass window, you can pick out a beautiful picture book from the small bookcase embedded in the wall, just enjoy the reading time.

Address: Room 1362, 1F of Building 1, No. 13 Jianwai SOHO West Area, No. 39, East Third Ring Middle Road

Make a Wood Craft at Enjoywood Studio

Enjoywood is a place of choices where adults and kids can experience wood craft and learn about traditional Chinese culture through Guoxue (Sinology or China Studies), calligraphy, painting, tea, flower arrangement, and incense. Tucked away in a Beijing hutong, Enjoywood keeps the ambient temperature at 23°C all the year around so that you can always feel comfortable when you visit here either in cold winter or hot summer.

Positioned as a paradise for people who enjoy wood craft, the studio is well equipped with a wide range of traditional and modern wood carving tools, and advanced woodworking machines, allowing you to present wood works at your will. A corridor is built to show many beautifully crafted works. In the ManSon Art zone, you can add a few strokes to wood works, a great way to express yourself creatively. Enjoywood, an ideal place to enjoy the fun of wood craft for both adults and kids!

Address: 1 Changxiang 5th Lane, Dongcheng District

DIY a Cake at Qidian Bakery

It is definitely a wonderful experience to make cakes by yourselves. When you mix the ingredients bit by bit into a cake and eat it, you will feel the full sense of happiness. Before entering the shop, you can smell a strong fragrance; besides, teachers are fervent and patient, and make you feel like at a friend’s house.

In the bakery, WiFi and resting area are provided. Here, you can make cakes, biscuits and pizzas. Besides, some classes are offered here; it is a good place to foster children’s practical abilities and creativity.

Address: East Gate of Xiluyuan Community, North Street, Xilu, Fangshan District


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