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Parent-Child Entertainment Restaurants in Beijing


June 1 marks Children's Day, an exclusive day for children. To celebrate the festival in Beijing, take your children to these restaurants and enjoy your parent-child time!

Penguins Deli

In the Penguins Deli, customers can find two large glass houses, where vivacious penguins reside. They like to swim in the water and dive. Guests can watch the penguins at short range. The clingy and clean penguins enjoy following the visitors. By actively interacting with kids, they offer many joys to children!

The self-picking Chinese and Western food have been supplied in the Penguins Deli. The penguin bun, roast crab meat and cheese, stir-fried spaghetti, teriyaki chicken rice and fried beef steak, which are delicious and suitable for kids, are strongly recommended!

Address: Floor 3, Solana, No. 69, Fuxing Road

Agrilandia Italian Farm

Agrilandia Italian Farm is a beautiful and serene paradise with building facades laid by yellow bricks and red tiles and circular arc French windows to naturally exude the charm of the garden. The vast meadow for kids to run and the vegetable garden for visitors to cultivate vegetables constitute a both clean and graceful environment, where the most realistic pleasure in life is accessible.

Moreover, a mini animal kingdom has been designed in the Agrilandia Italian Farm, in which, over 10 ornamental animals and poultries and domestic animals. Those adorable animals will definitely make children reluctant to leave. In the cultivation and picking area, such imported fruit trees and seeds as cherries, plums, apricots, pears and Italian organic plums have been planted.

Address: Baigezhuang, Mapo Town, Shunyi District

School’s out

School’s out has arranged a vast area for children’s amusement, and the cleaning is well performed. By arranging three different zones, namely, Picture Books Zone, Big Pumpkin Carriage and Amusement Zone, School’s out meets children’s diversified requirements on interest point and playmate. The Picture Books Zone where various books are placed poses a great attraction to kids who are fond of silent reading; the Amusement Zone arranges large playground slide, climbing frame and ocean balls, which are the favorites of children.

The kid’s meal embodies a cute style, which is mild tasting and delicious! For example, the Three Pigs are so adorable, while boys may prefer the Little Car. Both are very beautiful and mild tasting. Noodles for kids can also be found in School’s out. Fruit Tea, Roast Pig Elbow and Angry Birds Pizza are also very delicious.

Address: Floor 2, Ritan Hotel, No. 1, Ritan Road

Liliput (KIMO)

Covering a relatively compact inner space, Liliput is a two-floor restaurant. Swank sculpt and low-key colors dramatically collide, forming an appropriate sense of design. The Children Amusement Zone with two layers is beside the Dining Area, occupying a large area. Tactfully connecting the two layers with climbing house, the Children Amusement Zone provides children with spaces to free pass through the upstairs and downstairs. By wrapping most corners of the recreation facilities, Liliput prevents children from bumping against them.

The ocean ball pool full of black and white balls and big trampoline is very eye-catching. Kids will never be bored with the recreation - leaping from the trampoline to jump into the ocean ball pool. Besides, the wall of Lego building blocks greatly attracts boys. Various magnetic sheets and splicing toys meet requirements of kids of different ages, who will indulge in the games attentively.

Address: No. 102, Block A1, Ulopark

Lazyroo Kids Cafe

Lazyroo Kids Cafe offers the novel and trendy home-like dining environment, which serves as an ideal gathering place for mothers pursuing for quality of life, pioneering the new experience of yummy mummy rearing child. Adhering to the concept of “Kid’s Lazyroo Life, My Happy Time”, Lazyroo Kids Cafe provides delicate and healthy catering services.

There are a variety of amusement facilities: large slides, ocean balls, sand pool with woodblocks, throwing wall, interactive projection, trampoline, whirligig, doll house and small supermarket. Moreover, projection animation will be played at fixed times, and the staff will lead children to play games.

Address: Floor 4, Ginza Mall, Harmony Plaza, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District

Teddy Bear Theme Restaurant

Tables, chairs, show windows, corridor, walls... All of the furniture and decorations display the images of cute teddy bear. They are so vivid that you may feel as if you are submerged by the sea of teddy bears! More than 1,000 teddy bear toys bought by the storekeeper from all over the world crowd the restaurant. The specialties are various Western style fast foods, such as delicious Tenderloin Steak, Pizza and Salad. A new promotion - the nutritious Ginseng Chicken Soup could warm the stomach. It is an ideal restaurant for dinner party of friends or families with babies.

Address: No. 5006, Floor 5, 3.3 Mall, Sanlitun Road


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