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Amuse Your Children in Museums


It is recommendable to pay a visit to various museums in Beijing if you have time. There are numerous mysterious and funny museums in Beijing! Go and enjoy them with your family now!

China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM)

The science and technology museum is always one of the most popular museums among children, because numerous aspects related to science and technology from ancient to modern times can be found here. The Glory of China Exhibition Hall is set up in the China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) for children to play beautiful songs by striking Chinese bronze bells dated about 2400 years ago. They can also design different movement routes for their globules in the Explorations and Discoveries Exhibition Hall to experience amazing movement of objects.

A Children’s Science Paradise is also established in CSTM for children to participate in interactive activities, such as “Security Island”, “Water Bay”, “Happy Farm”, “Creative Studio”, “Work Together” and “Understand Yourself”.

Address: No. 5, East Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (the southeast of the Olympic Forest Park)

Opening Hours: 9:30-17:00, Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

Ticket: Children’s Science Paradise (Child: 20 yuan per person, Adult: 10 yuan per person); Main Exhibition Hall (Student ticket: 20 yuan per person; General ticket: 30 yuan per person;children under 1.3 meters and accompanied by an adult can visit for free); Dome Theatre, Giant Screen Theatre, Motion Theatre and 4D Theatre (Student ticket: 20 yuan per person; General ticket: 30 yuan per person).

Tel.: 010-59041000

China Printing Museum

In addition to getting to know about ancient Chinese typography, you can also make your own paper in the China Printing Museum! The museum provides interesting interactive activities, including “Round Rigid Fan made through Ancient Technique” (reservation required) and “Woodblock Printing” (walk-in activity).

The “Round Rigid Fan made through Ancient Technique” Activity is quite special. At first, volunteers will elaborate papermaking process according to the pictures of the Exploitation of the Works of Nature (a Chinese encyclopedia) to visitors and give a piece of pulp to each visitor. Then visitors are required to pulverize impurities in the pulp by knocking it with a small mallet for 5,000 times (the longer you knock the pulp, the more fine will the paper be) and filter out impurities with a strainer. Finally, visitors are required to shape the pulp with a strainer, dry the pulp, and paste it on the framework to make a round rigid fan.

It will be more interesting to make your own paper than just walk around in the museum.

Address: No. 25, North Xinghua Road, Daxing District, Beijing (next to Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication)

Opening Hours: 8:30-16:30 (Closed on Mondays)

Ticket: For free, but reservation is required for the “Round Rigid Fan made through Ancient Technique” Activity held in the morning of Saturdays (experience activity of 150 yuan: “Round Rigid Fan made through Ancient Technique” Activity + Rubbing + Exhibition Hall Guide)

Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum

The Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum (BSCM) used to be known as “Wuta Temple”. With a ginkgo of almost 600 years old standing in front of the gate, BSCM is a must-see museum for visitors.

The Children’s Stone Carving is a free-ticket interactive experience area established in BSCM to provide numerous experience activities for children and rest area for adults. There are about a dozen children experience activities in the Children’s Stone Carving, such as Mangonel Attacking, Story of Large Stone, Stone Man, Rubbings Making, Puzzle of Wuta Temple, Q&A of Stones, Pinscreen Animation, Unicursal Diagram and Arch Bridge Model. Moreover, it provides protectors for children to climb the indoor climbing wall for free.

Address: No. 24, Wutasi Village, Baishi Bridge, outside Xizhimen, Haidian District, Beijing (next to the east of the National Speed Skating Oval and the northwest gate of the Beijing Zoo)

Opening Hours: 9:00- 16:30 (entrance prohibited after 16:00), Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

Ticket Price: 20 yuan per person

Rubbings Performance: 10:00 and 14:00, Tuesday to Saturday; Venue: Magic Artwork Exhibition Hall

Sand Painting Video of Wuta Temple: 9:30 and 15:30; Venue: Jinshi Lecture Hall

Guide in Chinese Language: 10:00 and 14:00 (free for renting audio guide, with cash pledge of 100 yuan)

Sony ExploraScience

Sony ExploraScience features its attractive interactive activities, providing the most marvelous experience of lighting & shadow and sound for visitors. The interactive activities become more interesting by virtue of the integration of Sony’s latest digital technology.

Visitors are able to play the hand shadow game here, or design their own animation scenes in the Animation Production Area to learn more about the animation production.

Tips: Visitors can swipe cards they receive at the entrance on the machine beside each activity to watch the presentation and principle of the activity. Visitors can go out to have lunch after greeting staff and enter the Sony ExploraScience again for free by ticket within 1 hour.

Address: No. 1, South Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (within Chaoyang Park)

Ticket Price: 30 yuan (plus 5 yuan for ticket of Chaoyang Park).

Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays). Receive visitors of group reservation on weekdays and individual visitors on weekends as well as holidays.

Beijing Auto Museum

With the integration of museum, science & technology museum and exhibition center, Beijing Auto Museum reveals the secrets of automobiles through various modern methods and provides over 50 interactive activities for visitors.

It is recommendable to visit the museum from the fifth floor to the first floor. Children are able to learn about all kinds of automotive knowledge here, including steam automobile, concept automobile, auto parts and driving simulator. Moreover, a “Little Racing Driver” Experience Activity is held in the museum for children above 1.1 meters. The price of the activity is 70 yuan for 5 circles and 100 yuan for 10 circles.

Address: No. 126, West South 4th Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing (800m away from the east of Kefeng Bridge)

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays, do not include legal holidays).

Guide for Free: 10:00,10:30,13:30 and 14:00 (Tuesday to Friday); 11:00 and 13:30 (Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays). Visitors should gather at the escalator entrance on the fifth floor and follow behind the tour guide to enjoy the service.


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