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Highest peak of Tianjin


Jiushan Top, the highest peak of Tianjin, is an excellent attraction with original natural scenery. The beauty of Jiushan Top is comfortable and enjoyable with clear twitters from valley and rustle of leaves in breeze.

Among several routes of Jiushan Top, the left one to the main peak is most classic with various views along to ease your exhausted body while climbing. Rocks aside are attractive with such charming and colorful textures created by weathering; a squirrel coming out suddenly may look at you surprisingly with a pine cone in the mouth; mountaineering enthusiasts running into may go in company with you and inspire you with their rich experience and great physical power.

Overlooking from the top, you will never regret to climb for 3 hours to enjoy the amazing and magnificent view. No need to return by the way you came, you can have much fun on another route down. Never miss the glass skywalk inlaid in the mountain. It is 320m long and 1.5m wide; every square meter of the glass can bear 8 tons of weight. Although the safety can be well guaranteed by data, it is still a terrified experience with shaking legs when you stand on the glass, through which, you can see directly the bottom of the valley.

It is the wooden trestle that is linked with the glass skywalk, total 3000m long of both of them. It is the longest wooden trestle in China.

Near the foot of Jiushan Top, you will find the "Border Area" dining hall where is the former resistance base of the Communist Party. Porridge is free, which is made in big iron pot on bonfire from all kinds of local beans.

Horses are waiting for tourists meekly by the road. It is a novelty experience to visit the rural scenery of the national nature reserve on horse. Along the road, many locals are selling their home-made specialties.

Driving from the scenic area, we can see the Xiaoxitian Observation Platform on the roadside in the west. Take a deep breath, enjoy some gentle breeze from the valley or just take a picture against the background of Xiaoxitian.

Jiushan Top will tell you how amazing the nature is.


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