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Go Fishing at Jinding Lake


Sitting in Shachang Village, Miyun District, Jinding Lake is to the south of Wuling Mountain. With a total area of over 40 hectare and water area of 1.51 million m2, the Lake is surrounded by mountains and has expansive, clear, glistening water. Hordes of tourists come here for boating and angling, and even set up stove to cook fish at the natural bathing place. Since Jinding Lake offers broad vision, you can have a full view of surrounding sceneries. With very fine sand on the shore, Jinding Lake is called by locals as “sand field reservoir”. Mountains around Jinding Lake are not high, but are covered with lush vegetation. As the habitat of many wild birds, it is an ideal place to watch birds. To enjoy the pleasure of farm life, you can pick plum, mushroom, wild jujube and other fruits here.

Address: Shachang Village, Jugezhuang Town, Miyun District密云县巨各庄镇沙厂村


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