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The Life Attitude


Venue: Beijing Comedy Theatre

Dates: May 19-20, 2018


The Life Attitude of Two Dogs tells the tale of an elder dog Laifu and younger dog Wangcai leaving their home for the urban area in search of happiness and to practice their great ideals. The urban area is not so good as they have imagined, thus in the lustrous and dazzling life style, they see the various aspects of human life and make one stupid mistake after another. As a consequence, they begin to complain about their life and these complaints reflect larger problems of existence that cannot be understood by their simple minds. In order to eat their fill, they perform in the streets and attend an audition for talent shows, entering the entertainment world, they work as security personnel and get adopted, but later abandoned and beaten black and blue by a dog disposal team. Finally, they’re determined to courageously live and soldier on no matter how tough their lives get.

In the play, passionate improvisation is fused with virtuosic realistic performances creatively through the performing techniques exclusive to the Commedia Dell’Arte, French Comedy and traditional Chinese Comedy. Two performers play more than 30 roles vividly with might and main during two hours, giving audiences a relaxing and humorous ambience to get a taste of the complicated life.

Director: MENG Jinghui

Performers: LIU Xiaoye, WANG Yin

Musicians: GENG Youyou, ZHANG Congpingzi, HOU Yawen, ZHAI Jiaji


MENG Jinghui Director

MENG Jinghui founded Beijing Youth Theatre Festival in 2008 and has served as artistic director since then. He is the director of National Theatre of China. As the famous Chinese stage director, MENG Jinghui puts his creativity and diversified artistic style into full play.

He has directed many works, including Think of Worldly Pleasure, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Rhinoceros in Love, Head without Tail, Amber, In Illusion, Romantic Meeting, The Life Attitude of Two Dogs, Labyrinth and Magic Mountain. MENG also cultivates a large number of drama fans to infuse the energy into new diversification of Chinese drama stage. His film Chicken Poets is awarded with the FIPRESCI Critics Award of Hong Kong International Film Festival and Special Youth Jury Award of Locarno International Film Festival.


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