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Guidance of Western Food in Beijing


La Nuit Blanche

Embraced by light, music and video, the atmosphere here is very literary, trendy and exotic. With dishes as delicious as those of five-star hotels and favorable prices as cheap as those of corner stores, the delicacies here enjoy high cost performance. Every dish is very authentic and possesses its uniqueness, which will amaze guests. It is said that the owner has stayed in France for years, and the cooks he hires are very experienced. The wine is also excellent. It is indispensable to drink while enjoying the French meal. It is also said that the restaurant is equipped with own cellars to brew such superior wine!

Address: Floor B1, No. 6 Gongti West Road, Chaoyang District

Georgia’s Feast

In this season of prosperity, there is a great restaurant located at the side of Liangma River, providing authentic Georgian cuisine. It is said that the embassy is also a frequent visitor here, so we must come to have a taste. The salmon salad, the slightly salted salmon with organic vegetables and mustard sauce, is delicious and nutritious. The signature dish, roasted pork ribs can be provided half the volume for meeting the needs of those who have small appetites but want to have a taste; the real pork ribs are sliced before serving, and customers can eat with hands directly with plastic gloves; the source is amazing, and meat is tasty but not greasy.

Address: No.2 Beixiaojie Street, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District

Morel’s Restaurant & Cafe

The restaurant is more like a western family restaurant because it is friendly, low-key and full of sense of western culture but not extravagant. Walls are decorated by western paintings with many beer bottles on the top, highlighting its characteristics. There are also some colorful candlesticks on the desks with oil painting background of tables’ linens that make the restaurant full of vintage sense. Waiters are mostly women in middle age; they are kind and considerate without rash behaviors of young people. Besides, this place is frequented by foreigners and some waitresses even can fluently communicate with them; especially the head waitress, she has a fine sense of humor but is exceptionally vigorous in works.

Address: 1/F, Building 5, Xinzhongjie Street, Dongcheng District


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