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4th Dine Around with Marriott International Beijing & Tianjin Hotels Global Gourmet Features


As one of the nourishing and integrated culinary programs of the Marriott International Beijing and Tianjin Hotels, Dine Around will come into sight for the fourth year from May 19 to June 18, with the participation of 15 hotels in Beijing and 8 hotels in Tianjin. During this period, foodies can enjoy a series of special crafted menus, featuring authentic Italian, Japanese cuisine, regional Chinese delicacies and more. Take your steps along the journey and explore global cuisine across all the participating hotels in Beijing and Tianjin. All menus are at only RMB 208 per person for Beijing area and RMB 188 per person for Tianjin area in the each appointed restaurant as below. The hot deal could be purchased through SR Online App conveniently.

Participant hotels:

(Hotels are listed in no particular order)

※The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing

Restaurant Destination: Barolo

The native Italian Chef Amedeo Ferri at Barolo of The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing is pleased to take you on an exciting Italian culinary journey. His crafted menu will represent the class recipe of a different region of Italy, include Genova, Belluno, Roma, Florence and Naples.

※The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street

Restaurant Destination: Greenfish

Led by Executive Chef George Vanyi, the western cuisine chef team of The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street offers delicate 2-course dynamic lunch menu at the popular restaurant Greenfish. Main Course “Sustainable Himalayan king Salmon - Scallop, Prawn, Chick Pea, Chorizo, Crustacean Broth” will impress you with the uncommonly tender and fresh salmon fed with Himalayan spring water in Sichuan. In addition, you could select 1 from the 3 other delicacies, “Garden Salad with Emmenthal-black pepper Crotons”,“Local farmed Cauliflower soup with Truffle & Aged Parmesan Toast”, and famous Ritz-Carlton dessert - Dark Chocolate Cake. Celebrating the coming summer, let your taste buds dancing with the enchanting gourmet.

※The St. Regis Beijing

Restaurant Destination: Danieli's

Newly arrived Italian Chef Alessandro Cottitto and his culinary team in Danieli’s have created a 5 course tasting menu highlighting flavors from the North to the South of Italy. Focusing on locally sourced, imported products as well as freshness, he and his team will take you to an exquisite journey. Inspired by his grandmother when he was a child as well later throughout his career, he always prepares his dishes in his authentic way and make people feel touched by simple however refined seasonings.

※W Beijing Chang'an

Restaurant Destination:YEN

Emotional Taste-bud Master Eric Huang, the executive chef of YEN restaurant, born in Guangdong chef family. Eric is especially good at cooking soup, recommended Abalone soup with bamboo as the first healthy surprise, which can enhance immunity and nourishing stomach. Then take Vanilla Matsutake risotto as main course, activate every body cell and replenish collagen while enjoy the dishes.

Finally, present a creative dish - Homing birds, serving fruits for promoting metabolism.

※JW Marriott Hotel Beijing

Restaurant Destination:  CRU Steakhouse

Like the food, the CRU Steakhouse design is crisp and contemporary, featuring rich, warm colors reflecting those used in the cooking: bright color of the chairs, classical tables and room dividers. A delectable CRU signature dishes from CRU Caesar Salad to classic Sous Vide Fresh Salmon await you this spring, with a tempting dessert Poached Vanilla Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Sorbet to satiate your taste buds.

※JW Marriott Hotel Beijing Central

Restaurant Destination:  Casalingo Italian Restaurant

Casalingo intends to offer fresh, authentic and pure flavor for customers with the concept of ‘Uniquely Crafted Italian Flavor’. It aims to provide the best Italian cuisine in Beijing. The cooking technique follows the traditional Mediterranean style, adopting olive oil, tomatoes, basil leaves and Kalamat olives to accompany main meals. Not only giving full play to the traditional Italian cuisine, Casalingo keeps the fresh taste.

The Mediterranean flavor set menu, featuring arugula salad with asparagus, avocado and balsamic dressing, fresh pumpkin soup, Italian seafood linguine, pan fried seabass fillet and ice cream with fresh fruit. This series will bring refreshing experience for the customer in the summer time.

※Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast

Restaurant Destination: Choy's Seafood

Traditional Cantonese cuisine focuses on the original flavor of the food. The fresh raw materials contribute to the fresh and delicious gourmet. Chef Wu’s innovation in making new dishes enables people to enjoy different food and bring fresh feeling to the taste bud.

※The Westin Beijing Chaoyang

Restaurant Destination: Grange Grill

#EAT WELL# with the 4-course set menu at Grange Grill. The specially crafted menu was designed with a combination of Chefs inspirations and restaurant signature dishes, selecting fresh ingredients of the season, featuring Maryland crab cake, cream of wild mushroom soup, charred Uruguay tenderloin and Canadian scallops, as well as, dark chocolate and jasmine mousse, filling your taste buds with enriching flavors.

※The Westin Beijing Financial Street

Restaurant Destination: Prego Italian Restaurant

The energy and constant action set the tone for a lively and fun dining experience at Prego Italian Restaurant. Be greeted by the mouth-watering aromas of freshly-baked breads and pizzas from the oven. Embrace the pulsating music, cheerful and efficient service, and contemporary home-style Italian fare. Prego is a sensory experience with bright spaces, natural lighting, Italian writings on the wall, an eye-catching bar and stunning wine display, open kitchen, and of course the signature pizzas, crusty fresh bread and calamari’s. It’s also renowned for its extensive wine list of Italian and New World wines, international boutique beers and specialty cocktails. More than your traditional Italian restaurant, Prego stands out with its emphasis on friendliness, fun and great food.

※Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Fratelli Fresh Italian Restaurant

Surrounded by hills and seas, the Abruzzo area provides Chef Diego Ottaviani not only a memorable childhood, but also authentic homeland flavors that inspire him a lot. Adequately-supplied by the ocean, Chef Diego also take advantages of fresh ingredients to create more surprises. Fresh octopus with special tomato mayonnaise, hand-made pasta out of chitarra, a traditional pasta-making tool in Abruzzo, sole seasoned with refr seshing lemon flavor… Enjoy the surprisingly great flavor that brings you a summer breeze right from Mediterranean!

※Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Wanli Restaurant

Wanli Restaurant with antique atmosphere specializes in exquisite Cantonese dishes. You will set off a five-star flavor journey with our Executive Chinese Chef Liang. The dish of “Braised Sea Cucumber with Oatmeal and Millet” featured the finest sea cucumber and whose sea flavor is integrated perfectly into the oatmeal and millet retaining a lingering fragrance in your mouth; The “Pan-Fried Cod Fish with Mustard Salad” and the “Grilled Australia Tender Lamb”, whose textures of meat are fragrant and tender that smells so sweet. The “Poached the Vegetables with Mushroom” returned to the original balance of the food that tastes so fresh and natural; The “Braised the Rice with Abalone” tastes very warm and very nourishing, and its rich taste has been deep in each full rice grain and that let us long for more. This is not enough, if together with a beautiful “Assorted Cold Dish Platter”, it couldn’t be better.

※Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel

Restaurant Destination:  The Bene Restaurant

Award-winning Bene will ignite your delicious Italian feelings; The Chef's elaborate cooking will experience not only the enjoyment and the memory. From the first course of the plate, we used a delicate tomato buffalo cheese salad with extra virgin olive oil and taste buds crafted Italian black vinegar. Venetian tomato soup with a selection of basil and milk flavor foam, with your careful taste. The main course is the deep-sea silver Cod with the tender and juicy, firm and elastic, not greasy. The he steak from Australia is also very authentic, fresh and delicate. Finally, vanilla custard pudding with fresh fruit and mixed plum jam and Australia beef is also very authentic, serviced with fresh green vegetables, Vanilla pudding with fresh fruit and plum jam.

※The Imperial Mansion, Beijing - Marriott Executive Apartments

Restaurant Destination:  Resident Lounge

Mr. William Liu, head chef of The Imperial Mansion, Beijing - Marriott Executive Apartments prepared a nutritious and healthy mushroom soup hot pot package with a glass of red wine in this spring season, including selected fresh beef and mutton and a variety of mushrooms or seasonal vegetables.

※The Sandalwood Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments

Restaurant Destination:  The Sandalwood Resident Lounge

Spring is the season when all kinds of fresh vegetables appear on the market. There is an old saying “eating food on season”, you can really understand the meaning of “fresh”. We use a variety of organic vegetables to make Italian vegetable soup, which can be highlighted delicate flavor without excessive processing raw material, making it a nutritious and delicious soup.And with salmon as the main dish. Salmon contains a large number of high-quality protein and omega-3 series of unsaturated fatty acids, and a variety of trace elements, helps reduce blood fat, while DHA and EPA also play on children's brain nerve cell development and visual development. The most important influence is that eating regular salmon (low-fat, low-calorie) is good for women's skin, especially for the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in middle-aged and elderly people, and the development of children's intelligence and vision.

※Four Points by Sheraton Beijing Haidian

Restaurant Destination: The Eatery

The chefs of the Four Points by Sheraton, Beijing Haidian will take you on a bite of an Italian tour. The first dish recommend for you is the famous Caesar salad, followed by an appetizing snack Pan Seared Scallops. The main character of the feast is coming...Slow roasted salmon with mixed mushroom risotto. The classic dessert cheesecake gives you a multi-layered taste tour.

Tianjin hotels

※The St. Regis Tianjin

Restaurant Destination: Riviera

At Promenade, cuisines from around the world are showcased in a sumptuous à la carte menu. International favorites comprising fresh produce are prepared by a dedicated team of savvy chefs in our interactive kitchen. Complementing these options are local favorites served at the buffet in an airy surrounding. Starting with Caesar salad which a common dish of western cuisine, featuring with Romaine, Parmesan, Prosciutto and poached egg, the appetizer will definitely stun your taste bud. Mushroom cream   soup with the rich cream and crispy mushroom, every spoonful of the soup has a long aftertaste. When it coming to main dish, for it is summer time, chef provides a not- too- heavy course, chicken breast with summer vegetables. Slow cooked method helps trap moisture in chicken, ladling lemon sauce, which is fresh and appetizing. Closing your dining experience with strawberry panna cotta, the refresh and smooth taste is so alike pudding, which will definitely light up your palate.

※Jixian Marriott Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Goji Kitchen + Bar

The Chef Jerry has been engaged on the western cooking almost 20 years. With rich experience and exploration spirit, Jerry treats every dish as an artwork. As this Dine Around, our chef design the set menu with 4 dishes, including vegetables salad, the green bean soup with griddle, fried beef with mini carrot and Napoleon dessert. Enjoy the visual and taste pleasure at Jixian Marriott Hotel with the Dine Around set menu.

※The Westin Tianjin

Restaurant Destination:Prego Italian Restaurant

Enjoy a deeply satisfying and lively dining experience at Prego Italian Restaurant. An open kitchen turns the preparation of your meal into the evening’s entertainment. Prego’s cuisine is rustic yet refined, rooted in tradition while producing innovative creations using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. With authentic flavors, we are so excited to share this Italian seaside flavor with you with impressive multi tastes delicacies. Buon appetito!

※Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Fire House

Firehouse at the Renaissance Lakeview Hotel is a refreshing alternative to the dark and staid look of classic steakhouses. Its contemporary raw stone and wrought iron design elements, glassed-in kitchens and a wood-burning grill placed in the center of the room, inject new life into a steakhouse, traditional in all but ambience.

Enjoy the signature dish: German style potato salad, New England clam chowder, grilled salmon filet with honey mustard sauce and Crème brulee at lakeside, and enjoy the delightful dining experience!

※Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Renaissance Brasserie

When it comes to food heaven in Europe, people must think of France. Western Executive Chef Johnny with a professional chef team specifically designed for the Dine Around this French cuisine set menu to experience authentic French delicacies.

※Sheraton Tianjin Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Bene Italian restaurant

Set among pristine gardens, Sheraton Tianjin Hotel is a source of comfort and relaxation on your next trip to China’s third largest city. Sheraton Tianjin's Cucina Grill is offering a new menu of the finest grilled cuts of meat and fresh seafood in an intimate Mediterranean setting. Along with our exclusive chef’s grilled selection, the restaurant also serves a range of other Mediterranean style cuisine, including handmade pizzas, pastas and salads, along with the finest imported wines. Head Chef, Mr. Ji Meng prepared a three-course set menu for Marriott's Dine Around Initiativediners, "Sacher cake with whipping cream", a famous classic Viennese cake. It consists of chocolate sponge cake cut into three layers, between which apricot jam are thickly spread between the layers and on the top and sides of the cake. The Sacher cake is iced with a velvet-like chocolate and served with a side dish of whipped cream.

※Sheraton Tianjin Binhai Hotel

Restaurant Destination: Bene Italian Restaurant

Bene Italian restaurant has wooden chairs and tables; the bar has restoring ancient styles; the light has colorful flashing; the music dynamic but not boisterous; the major products are pizza, hamburgers, beer, cocktails and so on. The guest can enjoy themselves and feel relaxed, the atmosphere in the restaurant is lively and funny. Chef Zhou is the restaurant chef who prepares four courses set menu for the guest. 【Parma Ham】A fresh taste of ham and sweet in the vegetable , leading diners to experience the patana plain in lake garda. 【Minestrone soup】 Chef Zhou selects fresh vegetables and makes them with Sheraton special source. The soup was thick and fragrant, simple and elegant. 【Rib - eye steak】It is rich in oil, the taste texture and delicious. Its high quality makes cooking is very simple matter, salt and black pepper are the best interpretation of it.【Tiramisu】Mascarpone cheese as main material, using fingers cookies instead of traditional sponge cake for dessert, coffee, cocoa powder and other materials, tasting sweet, smooth, soft sweet, greasy, in with the change of the texture. Take the guest for a different dessert feel.

※Courtyard by Marriott Tianjin Hongqiao

Restaurant Destination: Pavilion

The Executive Chef Mr. William Wang prepares “The Taste of Freshness”, welcoming you and your family to have a taste of the delicious, well-selected and fresh food at Pavilion. Professional and delicate cooking skills not only preserve the original flavor, but also enhanced the taste and texture. Enjoy the complexity of flavors and aesthetic visual presentation at Pavilion and get nourishing and health benefits.


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