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The Most Beautiful Roads - Embarking on a Self-driving Tour


In early summer bringing green grass and blooming flowers, a strings of rural roads briskly extend along continuous mountain ranges in the suburb of Beijing. Not created by nature, they are in perfect harmony with everything around. They are the ideal places for you to embark on a self-driving and cycling tours with your friends and enjoy wonderful sceneries along the way.

National Highway 109 (Beijing Section)

Beijing Section of National Highway 109 (G109) is an option for enjoying the wonderful landscapes along the Beijing-Tibet Highway. Running westward at Fuchengmen, G109 (Beijing Section) is hailed as a golden tourism route covering the Mentougou in west Beijing. Along this route, you can meander through Eighteen Ponds, Cuanbai Scenic Area among other well-known attractions.

Fanqi Road

As one of the most beautiful self-driving routes on the outskirts of Beijing, Fanqi Road is adjacent to Yanqi Lake Ecological Demonstration Area, where you can enjoy a cycling tour around Yanqi Lake. Keeping heading eastward, you will arrive at Yanqi Buye Valley, or enjoy a fantastic visual feast along winding mountain road embellished with blooming mountain peach flowers.

Gulong Road

As a sightseeing route in the north mountain ranges of Yanqing District, Gulong Road connects Guyaju Ruins and Longqing Gorge, and runs through a string of scenic areas like Songshan National Nature Reserve and Yudu Mountain. Featuring relatively large difference in road altitude in this region, you will feel the exciting and cool driving experience.

Ansi Road (Xingshou Town - Sihai Town)

Leaning against the mountains, Ansi Road is interspersed with green plants on both sides, and especially presents you stunning sceneries changing as you drive forward in spring and summer. This section is the paradise of cyclists and backyard of photographers. More exciting, you will run into a queue of heavy motorcycles passing by and leaving strident rumble echoing in the forest.

Huaihuang Road

Huaihuang Road starts from East Ring Road of Huairou District and ends at Huanghuacheng Town. This popular travel route is dotted with Hongluo Temple, the Great Wall at Mutianyu, and Erdaoguan Pass. Notably, a section of road is built by the shimmering Huaisha River, forming a charming landscape painting together with surrounding mountains and river.

Changchi Road

The municipal road connects Changling Town of Changping District, Beijing and Chicheng County of Hebei Province. It winds up and down mountains at the section between Changling Town and Dazhuangke Township of Yanqing District. Or it is embraced by cliff on the one side and valley on the other side, giving you a panoramic view of surrounding magnificent landscape.

Hongjing Road

Starting from Hongniangkou of Shidu Town and ending at Jingeryu of Xiayunling Township, the famous 18.9km-long road is a vital channel connecting the G108 in the northwest of Fangshan District and Laibao Road in the southwest, and is also a paradise for tourists who have deep love for self-driving and cycling tours. Dubbed “the most beautiful rural highway in Beijing”, Hongjing Road will present an astonishing visual feast to you.

Luanchi Road

Driving through the most beauteous Baili Landscape Gallery, you will enjoy the changing sceneries along Luanchi Road, like Wulong Gorge Scenic Area and Silicified Wood National Geopark among others, and also help landscape towns like Qianjiadian Town along this Landscape Gallery rise to prominence.

La'nian Road

Along La'nian Road running through Labagoumen Manchu Ethnic Township, you will encounter a lofty white birch forest in the oil painting created by a reputed Russian painter, and a sea of peony flowers created by the mystical nature. You can also have a rest at Labagoumen Natural Reserve during your trip, feeling the unique charm of this attraction.

Miaofengshan Road

With a total length of 20.43km, Miaofengshan Road will lead you to feast your eyes on changing sceneries, including natural landscapes like Dishuiyan (Water Drop Cave), Yangshan and Camel-shaped Rock, and cultural landscapes such as Pilgrimage Museum of Miaofeng Mountain, BixiaYuanjun (Pi-hsiayuan-chiin) Temple (Temple of Goddess) and Yangshan (Xiyin) Temple built by the imperial family in the Liao Dynasty.


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