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Launching a Carnival Trip in Distinctive Villages and Towns


The suburb of Beijing opens the door to an exquisite garden in May, which is dotted with distinctive villages and towns like bright pearls. Unique location, natural resources, and regional culture make them different form each other, thus bringing out the ideal short-distance resorts for accommodation, business, travel, and relaxation.

Gubei Water Town -- Gubeikou Town

Located at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, Gubei Water Town (Wtown) is famous for its Great Wall-oriented night tour which consists of eight items, namely climbing the Simatai Great Wall with lanterns by night; savoring dainty dinners beside the lake under the Great Wall; looking up the Great Wall on a sculling boat; enjoying the charm of the Great Wall under a starry sky in the hot spring; listening to the story of the Great Wall with a romantic water dance show; staying a night at the foot of the Great Wall; playing water at the foot of the Great Wall; tasting wine and gazing at the stars on the Great Wall.

A Town of Hundred-Li Rivers and Mountains -- Qianjiadian Town

The bank line is 112li long within the limits of Qianjiadian Town. Its “Hundred-Li Mountains and Rivers Corridor” Scenic Area enjoys the beauty of the landscape in Huaibei area, the vigorous pines of Huangshan Mountain, the special meadow of Rabbit Ear Mountain, as well as the elegant charm of Suzhou. Attractions along the corridor include Yanshan Tianchi, Dinosaur Entertainment Park, Silicified Wood National Geopark, Dishui Lake, Zhaoyang Temple, Temple of the Dragon King, and the Temple of Guan Yu. It is an ideal destination throughout the year. In spring, various flowers bloom wildly, and when summer comes, it would be a veritable summer resort and green oxygen bar.

Convivial Watermelon Town -- Panggezhuang Town

Taking watermelons as the main tourism resource and characteristic industry, Panggezhuang Town was awarded the title of “Hometown of Watermelons in China” in 1995. Watermelons here have won wide reputation for the mushy, sweet and crisp taste, and have identified as the product of geographical indication. The Watermelon Festival and the National Watermelon Arena Contest which were held since 1988, embody the significance as one of the main tourism brands of Daxing District.

Glorious Ancient Town -- Zhaitang Town

As a town of cultural relics in Beijing, Zhaitang Town boasts more than 100 cultural relics including ancient temples, ancient villages and ancient roads. In addition to that, it is also an old revolutionary base with an illustrious history of revolutionary struggles. With the praise of “Historical and Cultural Town in West Beijing”, the town plays a key role in the development of the western mountainous area of Mentougou District. Cuandixia Village, Lingshui Village, Huanglingxi Village and Malan Village under the jurisdiction of Zhaitang Town were successively appraised as “Traditional Villages of China” in 2013.

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Town -- Shisanling Town

83.26% of Shisanling Town's land is used for forest land. As a result, the town harvests remarkable natural scenery and ecological environment, as well as a forest coverage rate of 62.71%. For Beijing, it is a vital town with graceful surrounding and is a tourist distributing center. Besides, Shisanling Town also rich in cultural tourism resources, such as the Ming Tombs, a World Cultural Heritage Site and national 5A scenic spot, and Dalinggou Kiwifruit Valley and Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park, the national 2A scenic spots.

A Town of Charming Mountains and Rivers -- Shidu Town

Shidu Town is home to the noted Shidu Scenic Area, which enjoys peculiar mountains, bright water, steep valleys, pinnacle peaks, green forests, beautiful stones and deep lakes. Such secluded scenery here is famous for “stretched mountains as if hundreds of miles of galley”. Brimming with negative oxygen ions, Shidu is known as “Natural Air Conditioning & Natural Oxygen Bar”. It is the only large-scale karst landform in North China, and is also a national 4A scenic area and a National Geopark of China.

Lakeside Resort Town -- Jinhaihu Town

Jinhaihu Lake situated in Jinhaihu Town is one of the top three largest reservoirs in Beijing and a national 4A scenic area. There are dozens of landscapes with both natural and cultural features such as Huguang Tower, the Mausoleum of Princess Jinhua, Wanghai Pavilion and Sawtooth-like Cliff. It also harbors a 10km section of the ancient Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, which is the first pass of the Great Wall spanning into Beijing.

Stylish Sports Town -- Huaibei Town

About 60km northeast of Beijing, the town at the foot of the Yanshan Mountain is nestled the enchanting Yanqi Lake, the pearl of Beijing suburbs. Scenic areas here feature breathtaking landscape and secluded environment such as Yunmeng Mountain Natural Scenic Spot, Qinglong Gorge, and Yougu Shentan. The humid climate that has average-above frost and snow days in winter and more raindrops in summer brings pleasant air, making it a natural oxygen bar.

International Great Wall Cultural Town --Bohai Town

Bohai Town enjoys attractive and pleasant scenery and a forest-cover rate of 78.6%. From east to west scattered are such famous landscapes as the Mutianyu Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, Lui'anling Great Wall, Jiuyanlou Great Wall (Beijing Knot), as well as water resources including the well-known Xiangshui Lake, Zhenzhu Spring, and Longhe Spring. The majestic Mutianyu Great Wall and graceful water towns in northern Beijing, together with new-style residences integrating Chinese and Western architecture, map out an appealing picture of the International Great Wall Cultural Town.

A Green Wonderland -- Mulin Town

Mulin Town ecologically features staggered mountains and rivers, irregular peaks and valleys, towering ancient trees, and wild fruits-capped slopes. As a place endowed by nature, it abounds with fruitful peach and pear trees, gushing creeks and springs, high waterfalls and deep pools, rare medicinal herbs, as well as fragrant flowers and chirping birds. It was of military importance in ancient times and has many natural sights such as Wucai Qianshan National Waterfront Hiking Fitness Trail (Mulin Town Section), Suofeng Cave, and Xianjie Cave.


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