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Boutique Homestays -- Embark on a Relaxed Journey


More often than not, country homestays are located at picturesque countryside. There, strips of courtyards are interspersed with plots of farmland, blending in perfectly with surrounding natural mountains and water. So, stay the night at a suburban boutique homestay to get an escape from urban bustle and hustle! With the pastoral life as the highlight, it would make you feel completely relaxed. No matter what you do there, listen to the wind, chat with birds and fishes, climb mountains, feast on sceneries, do farm work or pick up fruits, you may tumble to what is life and find great delights.

Ruyi Leisure Farmstay

Situated at the very center of Zhangfang Sports&Recreation Eco-town, Fangshan District, Ruyi Leisure Farmstay is the must-pass leading to Shidu National Geopark, Yesanpo Scenic Area and other tourist attractions. Neighboring Yunju Temple, Zhangfang Ancient Tunnel, Lavender Garden and other scenic spots, it boasts of beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation, making itself a comprehensive farmstay combining catering, accommodation and sightseeing. In addition, there are Yunju Temple, Shijing Mountain, Beijing Yunju Ski Resort and so on.

Address: to the north of Beibaidai Village, Fangshan District房山区北白岱村村北

Tel.: 18001101369

Forest Village Hotels & Resorts (Sen Lin Xiang Ju)

Positioned in Puwa Township, Fangshan District, 1,200 meters above the sea level, the Forest Village Hotels & Resorts is a high-end country resort hotel with highest altitude in Beijing. Inside, it offers not only primitive log cabins, but also standard guest rooms complete with a large alfresco entertainment zone and a 500-plus-square-meter sunshine dining hall. So, you can look forward to plenty of fun from outdoor sports and infinite offerings of organic vegetables and mountain spring water. Better yet, it sits at the close vicinity of the famous folk-custom tourism village, Dongcun Village, which is hailed as the “most beautiful village” and the “mountain oxygen bar”. Moreover, within an one-hour drive from it stands a dazzling array of scenic areas, Shidu Scenic Area, Yesanpo Scenic Area, Baicaopan Scenic Area, Xiaowutai Scenic Area, you name it.

Address: Dongcun Village, Puwa Township, Fangshan District房山区蒲洼乡东村

Tel.: 010-61371581/18511999799

The Homestay Cluster at Huangshandian Village

Nestling among the foothills of Youlan Mountain, Huangshandian Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, the homestay cluster is home to 30 courtyards including the century-old Grandma’s Memory  (Lao Lao Jia), the stylish Smoke Tree Homestay  (Huang Lu Hua Kai), the idyllic Tao Ye Gu  and the hillside Yunshang Stone Cabin . All these courtyards, remodeled from old dwellings in the village, are in a class of their own. While following the original pattern and exterior architectural philosophy, the courtyards see a tweak in the decor and the arrangement, promising a perfect mix of artsy modernity and understated luxury. Neighboring Beijing’s Pofengling Scenic Area that is known for breathtaking red-leaves landscape, it will offer you expansive, magnificent views of Youlan Mountain while enjoying the intimate serenity identical to that of private courtyards with your family.

Address: Huangshandian Village, Zhoukoudian Township, Fangshan District房山区周口店乡黄山店村

Tel.: 13701286870/13701286871

Shiguang Great Wall Boutique Guest House

Nestling at the foot of the Great Wall, Shixia Village boasts of a time-honored history, a great number of tourist attractions and the bracing air, making itself a best place for getaway. So, Shiguang Great Wall Boutique Guest House, located here, is a good choice for accommodation. Now, the guest house has over 20 courtyards dotted around the exuberant, tranquil village steeped in history. In a class of their own, the yards are fully furnished with modern conveniences and dedicated services that can rival starred hotels, promising the understated luxury. Enough of the rooms, what about the food here? Never miss the calling card -- rustic banquet cooked on stone . All ingredients of the delicacy come from locally grown vegetables, cereals and livestock. Hence, at Shiguang Great Wall Boutique Guest House, you can look forward to a slap-up lifestyle that features idyllic gastronomic delights, intimate accommodation experience and infinite rustic charm, not to mention a closer touch to the country lifestyle. Moreover, the guest house offers two kinds of experiences, cultural experience (the academy) and the folk custom experience. Heeding the call of the latest fashion trend, the two experiences have found favor with a host of tourists.

Address: Shixia Village, Badaling Town, Yanqing District延庆区八达岭镇石峡村

Tel.: 010-81181252

Yinjuxiangli Hawthorn Yard  (Shan Zha Xiao Yuan)

Nestling in a small village, the peaceful guest house gets its name from a hawthorn. Although far from the urban hustle and bustle, it is set buzzing. With the comprehensive occupancy rate of 65%, it has been honored as the most popular guest house and the first batch of boutique demonstration guest houses in China for two consecutive years. Moreover, it enjoys easy access to a dazzling array of scenic spots like Yanqing Four Seasons Flower Sea, Baili Landscape Gallery Scenic Spot and Baihebao Reservoir.

Address: Xiahujiao Village, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing District延庆区刘斌堡乡下虎叫村

Tel.: 18601381278

Zuolin Youshe Boutique Homestay

Situated at Donglongwan Village, Jiuxian Town, Yanqing District, Zuolin Youshe Boutique Homestay neighbors Longwan International Camping Garden. Designed by a Peking-University-trained team, the homestay offers a contemporary take on the idyllic neighborhood space. And, perfectly combining with local cultural innovation activities and products, it sets the scene for the all-round experience of the pastoral life.

Address: Donglongwan Village, Jiuxian Town, Yanqing District延庆区旧县镇东龙湾村

Tel.: 13810585950

Yuanxiangli Shuiquan Inn No. 031

Yuanxiangli is a boutique home stay brand themed on boreal country life. Yuanxiangli Shuiquan Inn No. 031 sits at Shuiquanzi Village, Zhenzhuquan Township, Yanqing District. Nestling at the foot of mountain  and by Caishi River, the inn features the well-preserved exterior and structure unique to traditional houses. With grey bricks, green-gray tiles, wooden beams and mud walls, it presents an artsy quality and strikes a chord with strangers coming from North China who feel homesick.

Address: Shuiquanzi Village, Zhenzhuquan Township, Yanqing District延庆区珍珠泉乡水泉子村

Tel.: 13521471204

Xianglixiangju Guanshan Courtyard

Situated at Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing County, the courtyard is within about ten kilometers from tourist attractions like Yudu Mountain, Longqing Gorge, Guyaju Caves, International Grape Expo Park and Badaling Great Wall. Although it holds only six rooms for 16 guests, you can look forward to any kinds of pleasure. Moreover, it is the stomping ground for self-driving travelers. Having drunk and eaten your fill, you can ensconce yourself on the mountain viewing platform -- counting stars, playing guitar or surveying the Yingmeng Temple far away. When you wake up in the morning, you would be greeted by the greenery outside the window, the blue sky and white clouds over your head, the secret fragrance, the peaceful chirping and the distant green mountains.

Address: Jinjiabao Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District延庆区张山营镇靳家堡村

Tel.: 18210980817

Dashiyao -- Baili Xiangju

Located in Dashiyao Village in the Hundred-Li Lake and Mountain Colonnade of Qianjiadian Town, Baili Xiangju, embraced by rolling hills, offers an escape from urban bustle and hustle and boasts of fresh air. While preserving the original style and charm of the ancient village, the venture has made an all-out effort in providing a contemporary take on the ancient articles and structure with the aid of modern construction and design techniques. In this way, it manages to strike a balance between protecting the culture of the ancient village and promising the comfort brought by modern facilities. By virtue of the unique natural surroundings, the cultural richness of the ancient village, the elegantly furnished courtyards and the interesting member activities, Baili Xiangju will unfold an ancient village of its own before your eyes and bring you unique experience and infinite pleasure.

Address: Dashiyao Village, Qianjiadian Town, Yanqing District延庆区千家店镇大石窑村

Tel.: 010-60188186

Yuanxiangli Sansi Guest House

Located at Sansi Village, Jingzhuang Town, Yuanxiangli Sansi Guest House is the second boutique homestay venture in Yanqing District to the name of Yuanxiangli. It consists of a Xiangli Bar and three detached courtyards. In particular, the Xiangli Bar, with private rooms in various size, provides everything you may want for a date with your lover or a gathering with your friends.

Address: Sansi Village, Jingzhuang Town, Yanqing District延庆区井庄镇三司村

Tel.: 15911120752

Dream Country

Nestling at the foot of Mutianyu and Jiankou Great Wall, each courtyard of Dream Country preserves the original style of rustic houses built with over-600-year-old wood. Staying the night at Dream Country with rustic charm will bring you sensationally good experience. In the morning, fragrant flowers and twittering birds will wake you up gently; at leisure, you can overlook the grand Great Wall zigzagging through mountains and water; come evening, hang out with friends to join in the bonfire party and just drink the night! Better yet, it also enjoys easy access to Shengquan Temple, Mutianyu Great Wall, Xiangshuihu Great Wall Scenic Resort, Hongluo Temple and other scenic areas.

Address: Tianxianyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District怀柔区渤海镇田仙峪村

Tel.: 010-60638858/010-60638818

The PondLife Hotel

Built on the former site of a primary school in a mountain village, the PondLife Hotel is located to the southwest of Mutianyu Great Wall, backed by green mountains and encircled by chestnut trees. With such a prime locality, it, needless to say, promises the complete isolation from outside noise. Inspired by minimalism, it pays much attention to the harmony of the hotel and the nature, every nook and cranny in a class by itself. With a well-designed color scheme, it seems as if cheering to the echo the change of four seasons. And as an advocate of the lifestyle featuring an escape from urban noise in suburbs with mountains and water, the hotel focuses on bringing exclusive accommodation experience with dedicated services -- it will offer a quite space for artists who are engaged in creation and an intimate retreat for people who are tired out.

Address: The Pondlife Hotel, Jingyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District怀区 渤海镇景峪村渔唐

Tel.: 13911048762

Li Shan Xiao Zhu

Situated at Huataizi, Sanduhe Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District, Li Shan Xiao Zhu sprawls 2,000 square meters. Along a Hutong, five courtyards scatter around, girdled by a vast stretch of chestnut forest. At present, there are two courtyards available that can hold ten people. Featuring the exclusive intimacy, every courtyard enjoys expansive views of mountains outside and extreme peace and serenity inside. When stepping in the rooms, you would be impressed by the wear and tear of time left on the old-world houses framed by beams.

Address: Huataizi, Sanduhe Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District怀柔区渤海镇三渡河村花台子

Tel.: 18614030077

Banshan Small Courtyard (Ban Shan Xiao Yuan)

Situated at Madaoyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District, Banshan Small Courtyard adjoins Huaihuang Highway with easy access to other tourist attractions like the Mutianyu Great Wall 2.5 kilometers away, Hongluo Temple 8 kilometers away and Xiangshui Lake 10 kilometers away. It, perched on the hillside, offers commanding and expansive views. Here, without going out, you can feast on the mountain sceneries that vary according to seasons through the windows; when night falls, you can take a stroll around the yard, enjoying the star-studded skies and the glorious full moon; or you can watch sunrise and sunset to savor the natural landscapes.

Address: Madaoyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District怀柔区渤海镇马道峪村

Tel.: 18911298199

Ming House (Ming Ming Shan Ju)

Hugging the architectural philosophy of “a house with a nice blend of modernity and nature and a lifestyle with a perfect balance between life and work”, the Ming House strives to offer a modern take on the vintage elements. Located at the foot of the time-honored Great Wall and perched by the elegant, picturesque Xiangshui Lake, it boasts of expansive views of green mountains, beautiful water, fruit forest and lonely wilderness. And Ming House, the only courtyard across the vast stretch of land, is waiting for like-minded friends.

Address: inside Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area, Dazhenyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District怀柔区渤海镇大榛峪村响水湖景区内

Tel.: 13691436990


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