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Eat Noodles, Porridges to Greet Lixia with Beijingers


Saturday marks Lixia, or the Start of Summer, the 7th solar term. Beijingers like eating noodle which bodes a wheat harvest. According to a folk legend, whoever eats porridge on the day of Start of Summer would be blessed with health and safety throughout the year. We have listed some restaurants for noodles or porridges in Beijing for you to greet Lixia with Beijingers.

  • Noodles Restaurants

Hai Wan Ju

This is a Beijing cuisine restaurant with noodles with bean paste as its specialty. The noodles don’t have many tastes to choose from but just the classical ones. The bean paste is good, with large amount of delicious meat. It also serves various kinds of characteristic, inexpensive Beijing snacks. Travelers must come here to have a try.

Address: 6/F, North Part, Beijing Department Store, No. 255 Wangfujing Street

No. 69 Fangzhuanchang Hutong Noodles

At the front of a noodle restaurant nestled in Fangzhuanchang Hutong, stands a long queue of guests thirsting for the homemade Zhajiangmian (noodles with soybean paste).

A big bowl of noodles are covered with shredded cucumber and cabbage and cooked soybeans. You will be also served with a small bowl of authentic soybean paste containing a sight of diced meat, whose strong fragrance is enough to lick your chops. Chewy noodles, with fragrant soybean paste, refreshing vegetables and well-marbled meat, will make you lick your lips.

Address: No. 1, Fangzhuanchang Hutong

Yang Yu Xing Noodles

Located in a two-story building, the restaurant is tiny but tidy. Its specialty, beef noodles in stock, is served in a large bowl, with enough noodles and extremely tasty soup stock. The chili soaked in the soup is fried to be crispy but not soft yet, giving a fragrant, nice taste. The stewed beef has tendons, soft and chewy without being astringent or stuck to teeth.

Address: 106 B, No.1 Laijin, Dongli, Balizhuang (Near Chaoyang Road)

  • Porridge Restaurants

Porridge Jiahe

With more than 100 branches in Beijing, Porridge Jiahe adhering to its culture of “Jiahe as a family known to the world for treasuring harmony” offers delicious porridges of various kinds, including the sweet, salty, seafood and original taste porridges for everyone.

Address: No. 29, Chengfu Road

Hongzhuangyuan Porridge Shop

This is the most popular porridge shop in Beijing, with a large area and stylish furnishing. You have a lot of options here, cold or warm, sweet or salty. The porridge is well-cooked and thickened, so it will be sufficient and perfect to have one bowl of porridge, a Shouzhuabing (a hand grasping cake) and a cold dish or lightly flavored hot dish.

Address: No. 11, Sanlihe, Haidian District


Sticking to an operation philosophy of winning customers by small profits and surviving by quality and the people-oriented and morality-rooted management idea, the shop is developed into a new catering enterprise offering fast-served healthy and delicious Chinese food. The porridge tastes soft and tender, just melting in the mouth and it comforts your stomach. The shop also serves other snacks like various flat cakes and pickles.

Address: Shop 2, No. 7, Cangjiadao


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