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Amazing Bars and Brewery to Enjoy Liquor Drinks


China has an enduring liquor culture. Moderate drinking is good for your health. As the liquor culture evolves, beer has appealed to the Chinese people since it hit Chinese dinner tables back in 1990s. As beer becomes popular, people expect better beer, and that's how craft beer has managed to fill the niche. It’s amazing to enjoy beer with friends in a pub at night. The editor will recommend several authentic, stylish pubs offering craft beer.

Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing was the first craft beer brewery in Beijing since 1990s, and is called as the pioneer that leads the wave of craft beer in Beijing.Great Leap Brewing offers 60 types of craft beer, among which the star products have their own logo. It’s superb to drink light beer with barbecue while chewing the fat with friends.

Address of Great Leap Brewing (Doujiaohutong store): No. 6, Doujiaohutong (near Shichahai Subway Station)

Average spend: 87 yuan per person

Address of Great Leap Brewing (Xinyuan Street store): No. 45-1, Xinyuan Street

Average spend: 118 yuan per person

Address of Great Leap Brewing (Worker's Stadium store): Room 101, Ziming Mansion, No. 12, B, Xinzhong Street

Average spend: 115 yuan per person


You need somebody to lead you here, since the store front is less visible. With an European retro style of decoration, Modernista features singing, jazz night, Swing Dance with different themes everyday. The pub also provides mellow, smooth wine, which warms you up instantly. It will also make you bright in the eye.

Address: No. 44, BaochaoHutong (near Gulou East Avenue)

Average spend: 147 yuan per person

Dirty Duck England Pub

Operated by an English man, it’s a typical English bar. So you can swill home-make beer and watch the Football League here. It’s also a great place to watch big games, a wonderful place to enjoy jug beer, football match, fish and chips.

Address: No. 19, North Luoguo Alley Hutong (north exit of North Luoguo Alley)

Average spend: 71 yuan per person


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