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Fragrant Hills Welcomes Best Mountain Flowers Season


As spring progresses, the Fragrant Hills Park welcomes the best mountain flower appreciation season. This year, the exhibition covers an area of 2500 square meters, blending natural environments, wild flowers, ground plants, and garden ornaments.

The Fragrant Hills Park owns the largest Persian buttercups planting area. Tens of thousands of colorful Persian buttercups bloom in many gardens, such as Zhisong Garden, Fenglincun (Maple Village) and Jiariyuan. In addition, over 50 thousand flowers like purple magnolia, lilac, plum blossom, flowering almond, red maple, forsythia, horned pansy, and heartsease also blossom one after another.

This year, an exclusive viewing area, in which corridor paved with sawdust and stumps, is offered for tourists to closely enjoy the beauty of these flowers. Meanwhile, the park has rearranged its landscape layout, in which colorful flower belts created by Primula, horned pansy and heartsease with ornaments such as butterflies and rabbits are set in the north of Zhisong Garden, forming an artistic conception of primitive simplicity and natural fresh. .

The flower appreciation season will last until May 6.


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