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Beijing Plant Culture Creative Flagship Store Went into Operation


On April 11th, Beijing Plant Culture Creative Flagship Store opened for business on the west side of the tourist center, southeast Beijing Botanical Garden. Covering an area of 200 square meters, the store contains 8 sections, including the window display area, the green plants area, the cultural and creative products area, the stationery area, and the ornaments area etc.

More than 200 kinds of cultural and creative products come under 7 headings, namely, living plants, stationeries, textiles, ceramics, wood carvings, children’s education, and ornaments are demonstrated in the store, all of which are self-developed and customized by Beijing Botanical Garden.

Furthermore, “Chuntian De Huayu (Flowers Chatting in Spring)” Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition of Beijing Municipal Parks is on its way. Featured cultural and creative products from 11 Beijing municipal parks, together with botanical cultural and creative products, are looking forward to your visit. Welcome to the Beijing Plant Culture Creative Flagship Store!


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