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Sought-after “Midnight Diners” in Beijing


Guan Ye Jie Macao Hot Pot

Lying on the seventh floor of China World Mall, Guan Ye Jie Macao Hot Pot enjoys prime location, where guests can have a panoramic view of CBD landmark and traffic stream along the East 3rd Ring Road, hailed as one of best viewing decks in Beijing. What’s more, it won’t close until about 2 o’clock in the morning, taking your breath away in astonishment.

Double-stewed soup, braised on slow fire for more than 15 hours, is one of the most popular specialties here. A5 Beef, premium snowflake beef, handmade beef ball and others are carefully selected and made in this restaurant. Rationed A5 beef, chopped into thin pieces, features pretty beautiful texture and the optimal taste after being boiled up and down in the soup for about 10 seconds. Here, you will enjoy the amazing taste of such fresh vegetables boiled in the pretty delicious soup thanks to seafood and beef fat.


Sumi is famous for its northern shaomai with the greatest feature of meat stuffing, which is very popular in Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other northern areas. Even more noteworthy is the dish of this restaurant is injected with many new elements.

Crab shaomai features thin sheet wrapped around rich fillings with abundant crab flavor, bringing you a smooth, fresh and salty mouthfeel. Beef shaomai has a brilliant color from red chili oil permeating through the papery sheets. Vegetable shaomaifeatures a charming appearance which is interspersed with colored eggs and carrots, and brings you smoother and refreshing palate with chewy rice noodles.

Crayfish Master

With an average weight of 45g, crayfish boasts white gills, tasty shrimp paste and fair-complexioned meat, with high quality and rich flavor. This restaurant won’t close until 04:30, before which you are welcome at any time.

Each crayfish has white and clean gill and abdomen, making your mouth watery. In addition, this restaurant also supplies southern-style cold and hot dishes for your choice. A Viviparidae and Chicken Hot Pot or Brown Fish in Brown Sauce will suffice to glut yourself. Alternatively, you can order Liquor-saturated Bullacta Exarata or Edamame in Rice Wine Brine to go with wine.

Beixin Bridge Luzhu Restaurant

Even at 4 o’clock in the morning, this restaurant is crowded with guests. This restaurant enjoys lively atmosphere and is redolent of aroma from wheaten cake boiled in meat broth, which forms a sharp contrast to the dark and spacious Dongsi North Street.

In addition to abundant ingredients, you can select large intestine or small intestine, and add proper chopped garlic chives, chili oil, mashed garlic, fermented bean curd and vinegar as well as some garlic flakes as you like. This dish has abundant ingredients that suffice to fill your belly. However, this meat broth may be a little salty for you.

Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant

Jin Ding Xuan has a total of five round-the-clock restaurants located in downtown blocks of the capital. Among which, Jin Ding Xuan (Ditan), a detached house, is within arm’s reach to the Temple of the Earth and Yonghe Temple.

Featuring traditional Chinese-style decoration, like red lantern, golden glazed tiles...this restaurant creates a dining environment suffused with rich traditional culture ambience for guests. All round-the-clock restaurants supply classic Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong and Huaiyang cuisines, satisfying the tastes buds of guests from across the country.


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