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Enjoy Spring Flowers in These Places


Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers

Covering a floor area of 41.8 hectares, Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers is the largest botanical garden in the territory of 4th Ring Road of Beijing. It is composed of seven large greenhouses and fifteen gardens. The plants in the greenhouses are various and clustered. And outdoor scenes of unique gardens, squares and exotic buildings allow culture of world’s flowers and exquisite garden art to integrate together ingeniously and harmoniously, adding radiance and beauty to each other.

Address: North Side of South 4th Ring Road, Caoqiao Village, Fengtai District

Beijing Garden Expo Park

Beijing Garden Expo Park is a large-scale public welfare city park integrating garden art, cultural landscape, ecological leisure and science popularization education. The exhibition area covers an area of 267 hectares and the Garden Expo Lake covers an area of 246 hectares. Hence the park is 513 hectares in total. The park elaborately creates a flower landscape in spring, where peach blossom, white jasmine, magnolia, Malus spectabilis, cherry blossom, peony, Chinese rose and lilac and so on open by turns since March, making the garden a blaze of bright colors and in late April, you can also see the waterfall of bright and beautiful tulip flowers in Jinxiu valley.

Address: No.15, Shejichang Road, Fengtai District

Olympic Forest Park

In spring, the Olympic Forest Park is the place that you can not only have a spring outing, but also admire the beauty of winter jasmine, magnolia, peach blossom, apricot blossom, Malus spectabilis and Chinese redbud, etc., especially large sheets of mountain peach for viewing in the South Park and the North Park. The South Park covers an area of about 380 hectares, mainly including large landscapes of Yangshan Mountain, Aohao Lake and artificial wetlands, etc.; the North Park covers an area of about 300 hectares, mainly including landscapes of small streams, such as flower fields, Swift Tower and Dashu Park.

Address: No.33, Kehui Road, Chaoyang District

Huaxianzi Flowers Garden

In the Huaxianzi Flowers Garden, hundred species of flowers bloom each year with the flowering period ranging from early spring in April to late summer in October. Visitors not only enjoy the beauty of more than one hundred kinds of flowers in the sea of flowers, but also participate in the unique gardening course in the capital. With rich experience in projects, the Flowers Garden integrates eating, drinking, playing and pleasure-seeking into one, let us who live a fast-pace life, calm down and find the beauty of life, so that to let the domestic flower lovers get in touch with international standards and convey the true concept of gardening life.

Address: Tongzhou Yujiawu International Seed Industry Science and Technology Park


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