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Best Places to Enjoy Apricot Blossoms in Beijing


Tiantan Park

Tiantan Park boasts the largest sea of apricot blossom within the fifth Ring Road in Beijing. Amazingly, all apricot trees here were planted during Qing dynasty, sending fragrance as it done a thousand years ago. When blooming, each tree stretches its branches with cluster flowers, forming a graceful shape. Early April is the best time to appreciate the apricot flowers outing buds.

Address: east of the overpass of Tiantan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Traffic guide: takeSubway Line 5 and get off at TiantanDongmen Station

Beizhai Village

Embraced on three sides by green hills, Beizhai Village is a beautiful place which is reputed as the Village of Red Apricot in China, boasting a history of cultivating red apricot nearly one hundred years. Apricot trees bloom every year at the beginning of April with a florescence lasting about 10 days, decking the village out in a fairy land which attracts visitors from all around the world.

Address: Beizhai Village, Pinggu District

Traffic guide: take Bus 918, 852 at Dongzhimen Station and get off at terminus, then transfer to Bus P30 to the village

Badaling Ancient Great Wall

Climbing the Great Wall and appreciating apricot blossom are the must-have activities for spring outing. Such is a wonderful place that Badaling Ancient Great Wall for overlooking hundreds of mu of apricot blossom animating scenic roads.

Address: Ancient Great Wall Scenic Area, Donggou Village, Badaling Town

Traffic guide: take Bus 919 at Deshengmen Station and get off at Badaling Great Wall Station, and then walk along with scenic spot signs

Xinzhuangbao Village in Yanqing District

Spring is in the air in Xinzhuangbao Village, Xiangying Township, Yanqing District. 200,000mu of apricot blossom will decorate all the hills in a short while with its soft red fragrant flowers. Climate changes slower nearly half a month in Yanqing District than that in urban area. Its 500-meter average elevation delays the apricot blooming which should be in early spring.

Address: Xinzhuangbao Village, Xiangying Township, Yanqing District

Traffic guide: take Bus 919 at Deshengmen Station and get off at Yanqing County, then transfer to Bus 920 and get off at Xinzhuangbao Village Station


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