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Best Attractions to Enjoy Peach Blossoms in Beijing


Beijing Botanical Garden

With more than 6,000 peach trees, Beijing Botanical Garden is home to the largest variety of peach flowers in the world, with ornamental peach alone covering an area of 100mu. In Beijing Botanical Garden, you can appreciate over 10,000 peach trees of nearly 70 varieties in Ornamental Peach Garden, including red-white ornamental peach, crimson peach, dwarf peach, and Prunus persica Chrysanthemoides.

Beijing Botanical Garden consists of Plant Exhibition Area, Scenic Spots and Historical Sites, Natural Reserve Division and Scientific Research Area. Plant Exhibition Area is made up of Ornamental Plant Area, Tree Zone, and Greenhouse Area. Ornamental Plant Area consists of special gardens, including Rose Garden, Ornamental Peach Garden, Tree-Peony Garden, Herbaceous Peony Garden, Lilac Garden, Crabapple-Cotoneaster Garden, Magnolia Garden, Bamboo Garden, Perennial Garden, and Mei Flower Garden. Ornamental Peach Garden is a special garden with the largest varieties of peach trees. There are also Herb Garden, Wild Fruit Tree Resource Zone, Environment Protecting Plants Zone, Aquatic and Vine Plants Zone, Rare and Endangered Plants Zone, and Tropical Greenhouse. Tropical Plant Exhibition Greenhouse has been rated as one of top 10 buildings in the 1990s of Beijing.

Address: Xiangshan South Road, Haidian District


Each spring when peach trees in Pinggu bloom, peach flowers of tens of thousands mu will attract numerous citizens and visitors.

Pinggu, a famous peach planting area in China, is home to the largest peach garden in the world and the largest fruit area in Beijing with 220 thousand mu of peach trees. In April and May, mountains here are covered by a sea of peach flowers. Visitors can embrace peach flowers in the flower sea. They can also climb to Peach Flower Viewing Pavilion of Xiaojin Mountain to have a bird's-eye view. Another alternative is to drive through the 100-li-long peach flower viewing corridor to enjoy the pleasure.

Areas offering the best peach flowers: Xiaoyuzi Peach Flower Viewing Area, Xiaojin Mountain Flower Viewing Area, Taohuayuan Viewing Area, Xinggong Flower Viewing Area, Daling Flower Viewing Area, Emeishan Flower Viewing Area, and Zhushui Flower Viewing Area.


Along with footpaths in Fenghuangling, flowers burst into gorgeous bloom with each clump showing their prettiest faces. Like one night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of mountain flowers are in blossom, such a brilliant picture beyond description.

Address:19 Fenghuangling Road, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District

Traffic guide: take Bus 346 at the Summer Palace Station and get off at the terminus station (Fenghuangling),or take Subway Line 16 at Beianhe Station and transfer to Bus 346 (or ride Ofo bikes) to Fenghuangling

Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park

Billed as “Small Mount Huang in West of Beijing”, Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park offers green mountains and clean waters, and is famous as a land of idyllic beauty and a fruit picking base. In spring, stretches of blossoming peach forests can be seen on wayside and along rivers, together with apricot flowers, azalea, lilac and lily.

With picturesque landscape, Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park is a Shangri-la and a fruit picking base. It is home to mountain leisure industry with landscape, entertainment and enjoyment.

Address: 4km away from northwest of Ming Tombs, Changping District


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