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Best Attractions to Enjoy Pear Blossoms in Beijing


Panggezhuang in Daxing District

In the endless pear garden, albus pear blossoms are like a sea of snow and cloud, compared to the wonder of Hornsey Sea (the sea of fragrant snow), Suzhou. Pear flowers bloom in ebullience and brilliance in the garden, where you are free to enjoy the gentle touch of ethereal petals dancing in the breeze, experiencing the elegance and quiescence.

Address: Lihua Village, Panggezhuang Town, Daxing District

Route: take Subway Daxing Line to Tiangongyuan Station, transfer to Bus 842 and get off at Zhanggongfa Village North, walk southward 800m, then turn right and walk 800m to the destination; take Bus 54 and get off at Zhanggongfa Village North, walk westward 800m to the destination.

Liulihe Town in Fangshan District

Liulihe Town has been dubbed “the hometown of pear in south Beijing” since ancient times. Peking White Pear Family Theme Park in this town boasts 100 years of histories. In the pear garden, the oldest pear has survived for 300 years and even longer and the bulkiest one is over 80cm in diameter. Entering the garden, you will view a sea of silver-white flowers supported by verdant branches. Stamens are pink as nectar and embraced by creamy petals, pure but elegant and charming.

Address: Liulihe Town, Fangshan District

Route: take Bus 835 at Tianqiao Bridge / Liuli Bridge to Liangxiangdajiao Station, transfer to Bus 34 and get off at pear garden of Jiahe Village.

Mentougou District

Mentougou is famous for refreshing Peking white pears and beautiful pear blossoms. Around the Tomb-Sweeping Festival each year, mountain slopes and farmlands in the district are interspersed with clusters of snow-white pear blossoms, the air heady with fragrance from pear blossoms.

Address: Dongshan Village, X015, Mentougou District

Route: take Bus 959, 336, 977, Yuntong 112 or Yuntong 116 at Pingguoyuan Station, then transfer to Bus 964 at SanjiadianXikou Station to Mengwu Station or Dongshan Station.


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