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Places to Appreciate Magnolia Flowers in Beijing


West Chang’an Street

In spring, all magnolias blossom together, and form a beautiful picture combining with blue sky, red walls and yellow glazed tiles. The red walls set against the white flowers, demonstrating a kind of solemn beauty.

The West Changan Street is a free place to enjoy magnolias, which attract numerous tourists to have fun, take photos and draw paintings. The magnolias on the Changan Street mostly blossom on the both sides of Zhongnanhai, which is on the leeward side and has a great exposure to the sun, so the magnolias there are the earliest ones in Beijing. In addition, magnolias can also be found on the lakeside near the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

Address: West Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District

Route: take Subway Line 1 to Xidan, Tian’anmenxi (West of Tian’anmen) or Tian’anmendong (East of Tian’anmen) Station.

The Summer Palace

In the wake of chilly winter, Yulan magnolias planted in the front of Hall of Joy and Longevity will burst into flowers. Beloved by Empress Dowager Cixi, blooming flowers are full of vitality in the sunshine and make the Hall of Joy and Longevity exceptionally beautiful and splendid.

Address: No.19 Xinjiangongmen Road, Haidian District

Ticket: 50 yuan per person

Route: take Subway Xijiao Line to the west gate of Summer Palace; take Subway Line 4 to Beigongmen Station.

Dajue Temple

Dajue Temple is renowned for ancient trees, crystal-clear spring, Yulan magnolias and tranquil environment. In particular, white Yulan magnolia has long enjoyed a good reputation for its unrivalled appearance, color and fragrance. The more than 300-year old Yulan magnolia, hidden in Siyi Hall in the south wing courtyard, was planted during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and was hailed as “the oldest Yulan magnolia” in Beijing.

Address: Dajue Temple, Beianhe Village, Haidian District

Ticket: 20 yuan per person

Route: take Subway Line 16 to Beianhe Station, transfer to Bus 633 and get off at Dajuesi Station; take Bus 330, 346, 651, 908 to Wenquan Station, transfer to Bus 633 and get off at Dajuesi Station.

Beijing International Sculpture Park

Yulan magnolia of Beijing International Sculpture Park is the ultimate in quantity, variety, color and flowering season. This attraction is a must-go place for you to enjoy the most flamboyant Yulan magnolias in the capital.

Address: No. 2 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District

Ticket: 10 yuan per person in peak seasons and 5 yuan per person in off seasons

Route: take Subway Line 1 to Babaoshan Station or Yuquanlu Station, transfer to Bus 337, 373, 452, 76, 472, 473, 736, 728 and get off at Yuquan Intersection West (East); take 78, 79, 338, 389, 436, 481, 507, 564, 597, 472, 473, 736, 941, Yuntong 114 and get off at Yuquan Road; take 389, 452, 472, 78, 79, 597, 736, 958, 10 Special and get off at the east end of Lugu Road.


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