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Best Attractions to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Beijing


Line S2

Reputed “the Train to Spring” by many of its fans, the Line S2 runs from Huangtudian in Beijing’s Changping District to Badaling in Yanqing District. In addition, the Qinglongqiao Railway Station at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall of the line is honored as one of the ten most beautiful railway stations in China.

For those who took the Line S2 train at Huangtudian Station, please take Subway Line 8 or Line 13 to Huoying Station, then exit at G4, the new Line S2 train station is approx. 110m to the southeast. The station can also be reached by other means of transportation.

Yuyuantan Park

Dear friends who long for alluring cherry blossoms, you can set about planning your trip to Yuyuantan Park! This park was deluged with a mass of tourists in the middle of March last year and will usher in a growing number of people thanks to warm weather this year. Hence, come and experience the stunning “pink snow scape” with your family!

Address: No. 10 West Third Ring Middle Road, Haidian District

Ticket: 2 yuan per person at ordinary times; 10 yuan per person during the cherry blossom festival

Route: take Bus 323, 374, 8 Special (Inner Ring), Yuntong 102, Yuntong 103 to the west gate of Jade Deep Lake Park.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden boasts flowers of different varieties, ranging from cherry blossoms to tulips. It is a good place to immerse yourself in the sea of flowers of different varieties. However, Jade Deep Lake Park is preferred if you are passionate about cherry blossoms.

Address: Wofosi Road, Xiangshan, Haidian District

Ticket: 10 yuan per person

Route: take Bus 505, 331, 563, 696, Yuntong 112 and get off at the south gate of Botanical Garden or Wofosi Station.

Changping Park

The cherry blossoms in Changping Park with delicate fragrance come out quietly. The falling petals under the tree are beautiful, too. There are only two cherry trees, which stand in a corner and wait someone to find them. The beauty of cherry blossom does not overshadow others and remains independent. You can either watch them in a distance or at hand.

Add: No 28 Gulou South Street, Changping Town, Changping District


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