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'Charming Beijing' Photo Exhibition Unveiled in Tallinn


At 18:00 on February 17 local time, the Freedom Square lying in front of the old town at Tallinn, capital of Estonia, was brimming with the air of festivity typical of Beijing’s Spring Festival. Defying the bitter cold, a multitude of Tallinn citizens took an active part in the event and experienced the jubilant festival hailing from the Orient in unique ways.

On the afternoon of February 17, the “Happy Spring Festival - Beijing Week” jointly held by Beijing and Tallinn officially kicked off. Having been held at Tallinn for nine years, this event has been an eagerly anticipated festival activity for lots of Estonian. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development unveiled the “Charming Beijing, Explore History and Present” Photo Exhibition. Starting from February 12 and concluding on February 19, this exhibition was home to 40 exquisite, lifelike photographs that zoomed in on the time-honored culture and unique charm of Beijing respectively as a onetime imperial city and a modern metropolis.

At the event, the Chinese Ambassador to Estonia Li Chao, Deputy Inspector of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture Ma Wen and other guests visited the tourism exhibition.

As the “Happy Spring Festival -Beijing Week” was in progress, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development gave out promotional tourism items on site. Meanwhile, participants can wear VR-glasses, put on Peking opera costumes for photographs and write Chinese character “fu (good luck)” and more. Through these activities with interesting content and diverse forms that combined modern technologies and traditional customs, this event has attracted numerous Tallinn participants and showcased Beijing’s tourism resources and traditional culture.


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