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2018 Beijing Xiangshui Lake Great Wall Plum Blossom Exhibition


The exhibition lasts from March 3 to April 8. The bonsai of plum blossom nearly reach a number of 1,000, which cover five major categories, namely, vermillion plum, green-sepaled plum, pendulous plum, flowering apricot and f. albo-plena (Bailey) Rehd. The number of ancient plum trees with 100-year history, which is honored as the rare king-class treasure, increases from 8 to 22.

In addition to the plum blossom appreciation, a series of theme activities are elaborately organized during the exhibition, including Photo Contest and Tree Planting Carnival for Great Wall Public Benefit, creating the extreme jollification and great atmosphere!

Activity Time: March 3 - April 8

Activity Site: Huairou Xiangshuihu Great Wall Scenic Resort


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