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Appreciating Early-blossomed Cherries in Yuyuantan Park


Located in Haidian District, Yuyuantan Park is a good place to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms. As the temperature changes, some cherries may be early in blossom. This short-lived flower usually lasts from the last ten days of March to the middle ten days of April, but the early cherries only lasts for seven days. When the flowering plums are in bloom on the roadsides, you’re told it’s the right time to enjoy the cherries in Yuyuantan Park.

Yuyuantan Park has more than 40-year history of planting and cultivating cherry blossom. In recent years, the new cherry scenic spot in the park has been designed by taking full consideration of the colors, surrounding landscape elements and the culture of early cherries, with “Miles of Cherry Embankment” waterside cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms all over the mountain landscapes created. The self-cultivated colorful “hill cherry” plants are broadly planted in the park, which are in complete harmony with the terrain, topography and cultural atmosphere, forming a harmonious ecological environment and making the park present an entirely new look. The new landscape will be ready in future cherry blossom seasons.

Every spring, the “Cherry Blossom Festival” will be held in Yuyuantan Park, presenting more than two thousands of cherry trees which look like rosy clouds. The breeze is gently blowing your face, the snow-like petals is flying into the sky, this romantic scene attracts crowds of people, and makes them immerse into it.


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