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Self-driving Tour in Miaofeng Mountain


Located in Mentougou District of west Beijing, and 55 km to the Downtown, Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Area covers 20 square kilometers, and is famous for its ancient temples, strangely-shaped pines, bizarre rocks and rare plants. The area is full of high and steep mountains and is brilliant in sunrise, sunset glow, soft rime, mirage and other seasonal landscapes. In addition, there is a rose farm of a thousand mu and the greatest traditional pilgrims’ temple fair in North China.

This is one of the most culture-featured scenic areas around Beijing. Its peak base is broad, with fresh air and flourishing bushes, all creatures are in vigor and vitality. The area is rich in woody plants and valuable herbs, various marvelous perennial flowers and rare plants, including prunus davidiana flowers, wild lilac, Japanese snowbell, rhododendron simsii, strawflower, a thousand mu of roses and pear flowers competing for blossom, revealing a unique scene of “all flowers embosomed in hills blooming all year round”.

This is a place suitable for self-driving travel. Starting from Chinese National Highway 109 (G109), Miaofeng Mountain road is 20.43 km in length and go north to Chijian Huiji Temple in Miaofeng Mountain after Danli Village, Taoyuan Village, Nanzhuang Village, Yingtaogou Village and Jiangou Village.


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